Everyone knows what is affiliate marketing that it is a marketing setup where affiliates receive a royalty for each visit, signup, or purchase they make for a retailer. There are a lot of affiliate programs but here I will tell about the Videoslots affiliate program. So if you want to know about the Videoslots affiliate program and you are reading this article you are in the right place.

The Videoslots affiliate program is an online gambling platform established in the year 2011. It’s owned and controlled by panda N.V. which is their affiliate software. It’s located in PiĆ«ta, Malta having a Chief marketing officer by the name of Ali Atam who manages and controls the program. The platform holds licenses from the UK, Sweden, and Denmark in addition to its primary license from the Malta Gaming Authority. The casino has a wide selection of incredible games, including slots, events, and live sports, and uses over 40 software like Rabcat, and Cryptologic to make gaming easier and faster. So, You’ll have a ton of alternatives to choose from!

With this, the Videoslots affiliate program is a reliable brand that an affiliate can work with. You can sign up for the program if you’re interested in casino games. Whether you are interested or not you can be a promoter or advertiser. You can make your friends join the program and this can get you extra cash.

In this article, I will show you steps on how to become a successful Videoslots affiliate, what is Videoslots affiliate all about, how to join the Videoslots affiliate program, what benefits, and how to make money as a Videoslots affiliate.

What the program is all about

Videoslots affiliate program is an internet gaming program that involves casino games. It is the very best in internet gaming and gambling. Their base commission is high compared to other affiliate programs. This makes the program’s affiliate payout to be around 25%-45%.

Just like some other affiliate programs you can earn commissions during a 30 days cookie session. Also, the Videoslots affiliate program is not available in every country. There are less than 30 countries that have legalized the program.

Benefits of becoming a Videoslots affiliate

  1. Low startup costs. You don’t need to hire an advertising department for ad images or buy advertising space to participate in the Videoslots affiliate program. Instead of making your marketing content, you’ll need to rely on your affiliates. One of the factors why Videoslots affiliate is the best program is because it requires little effort from you, aside from the initial project of choosing and verifying affiliates.
  2. Lower risk. Low risk equals lost cost. Since money is only given when there is an actual conversion, there is no chance of loss, making it ideal for enterprises on a tight budget.
  3. Low recurring costs. Videoslots affiliate program will also cover a large portion of the associated costs because they handle the majority of your marketing initiatives. You are only allowed to compensate affiliates for the sales they drive as a result of the commission structure of the program. This marketing strategy makes expenses easy to manage in contrast to other tactics like PPC advertising, which necessitate you to pay for each view that leads traffic to your website and does not interfere with your cash flow.
  4. Adjustability. Your Videoslots affiliate program can be simply expanded or decreased at little or no expense. It also gives you a great opportunity to grow your affiliate business without going bankrupt.

How to join the Videoslots affiliate program

Joining the Videoslots affiliate program is an easy process if you follow the steps.

  1. Step 1: Create a Videoslots affiliate account, the procedure usually takes only a few minutes.
  2. Step 2: Visit the Videoslots website first, navigate to the Affiliate Page, and select “Join & Start Earning immediately.” You must fill out every section with verifiable information, such as :

How to make money when you become a Videoslots affiliate

You need to have high-quality content if you want people to use your affiliate links to buy things from Videoslots. Therefore, it all starts with producing high-quality content. Lots of eyes and clicks on high-quality content translate into real cash. Publish quality content often on your website, Facebook, Social media pages, and any other platforms you use.

As a Videoslots Affiliate, improving your links with essential affiliate marketing tools may save you a ton of time and effort while also increasing your revenue. Tools like Email marketing tools, Google Adwords, Ads on Facebook and Instagram, Sales funnel equipment and Content management applications such as WordPress.

With the aid of these tools, you can keep track of, edit, organize, and turn your affiliate links into sellable assets.


Between affiliates and players, the VideoSlots Affiliates program seems to enjoy unmatched popularity. This is unquestionably due to the affiliate program’s many enticing features, such as its diverse commission plans.

Therefore, you can be confident that the Videoslots Casino affiliate marketing program will satisfy all of your expectations if you’re seeking an honest and legitimate casino affiliate network with quick and reliable payment options.

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