Under Armour affiliate program guide to making money

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Under Armour affiliate program

The Under Armour affiliate program is open to all affiliates who are looking for fashion affiliate programs to make money from.

They are a popular clothing company that sells footwear, clothing, accessories, and more for men, women, children, and teenagers.

The product lines from this brand are designed for performance.

Compression and wicking are two of the clothing’s standout characteristics.

This straightforward plan to develop a better active shirt grew into a multi-billion dollar brand on a worldwide scale.

Under Armour was founded on September 25, 1996, by Kevin Plank, former University of Maryland football player-turned-entrepreneur.

Under Armour has also diversified into the tech industry, through the release of smart gear, apps, and fabric & footwear technology.

AvantLink and Commission Junction both provide access to the Under Armour affiliate program.

Under Armour often runs promotions, discounts, and alliances to raise brand recognition and optimize conversion.

Affiliate management is always handy to assist active partners with personalized creative and performance enhancement.

By signing up for the Under Armour Affiliate Program, you may take advantage of a top-notch initiative that promises lucrative remuneration.

What Under Armour affiliate program is all about

The Under Armour program contains a 30-day cookie and a 5% commission for all orders made through UnderArmour.com (including self-purchases).

Orders typically cost $90.

By linking to www.underarmour.com, authorized bloggers can participate in the affiliate program and earn money on clickthrough sales.

The Under Armour program offers a 5% commission and a 30-day cookie for all orders through UnderArmour.com.

You receive best-seller lists, keywords, and extensive creatives on a daily basis.

To raise conversion rates, they often run promotions, offers, and alliances.

Affiliate managers can assist active partners in improving performance.

Although Under Armour’s items are sold all over the world, it appears that only residents of the USA and Canada can join their official affiliate programs.

The following niches’ bloggers and influencers will benefit most from this affiliate program:

Niche suitable for Under Armour affiliates

  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Fashion
  • Sportswear
  • Sports Equipment
  • Sports
  • Athletics and Sports Shoes.

The affiliate program for Under Armour is acknowledged by communities and organizations that are leaders in the business.

The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards recognized the company in 2012 as an Exceptional Merchant.

The Under Armour affiliate marketing program is a great one to join since it offers fair commissions, a higher conversion rate than the industry average, and a widespread reputation.

Join their affiliate network to receive a larger commission on typical orders of $90.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate of the Under Armour program

  • Under Armour Affiliate Offers and Promotions.

With its premium pricing, the program offers good payouts.

The large average orders further increase the appeal of working with the brand.

When it comes to monetizing an active lifestyle blog or website, we believe the Under Armour offers and promos present an excellent possibility.

The performance apparel market was founded by Under Armour, making it a strong competitor for businesses that cater to athletes and people who lead active lifestyles.

This is a well-known brand that provides high-quality items in all industries.

  • Good commission and cookie

All transactions made using your affiliate links will earn you a respectable commission from the affiliate program, which also has a respectable cookie length.

  • You Can Use Your Own Affiliate Link

Typically, self-referrals are not permitted by affiliate networks.

As a result, you cannot receive a commission if you use your affiliate link to make a purchase.

But if you buy something using someone else’s affiliate link, Under Armour will gladly pay you a percentage.

Other benefits include:

  • 30-day cookie
  • Free shipping on orders above $79
  • Seasonal promotions
  • AOV: $120 AUD
  • Daily updated product feed
  • Banner and text creatives.

How to join the program

You already have an account at DCMNetwork, log in or follow the steps below!

  1. Search for Matic under find & browse to get information about the terms and conditions & commissions
  2. You can ‘Request Code’ in order to advertise Matic Coupon.
  3. Guidance on how to get a code would be provided.

How to make money when you become an Under Armor affiliate

  • Advert Placement

Put engaging content on your website to encourage customers to click and purchase.

  • Write Reviews

Optimizing evaluations of various Under Armour products can assist in attracting leads.

  • Promote Products

To reach a larger audience, promote products on your social media pages, groups, and profiles.

  • YouTube Videos

Make YouTube videos about Under Armour products.

Most importantly, Share your affiliate links frequently.

  • Use Newsletter

Establish connections with the right people and send them recurring mailings about Under Armour products.

Promote Shorts

Shorts are among the most likely clothes to wear when running errands, according to sports fanatics and fitness buffs.

Shorts are among the top things you may advertise with this affiliate scheme in this regard.

Their 10-inch pockets shorts, which are incredibly sweat-wicking, are one type of shorts that you will have no trouble promoting.

The lifestyle, sports, fashion, and clothing areas are excellent fits for the Under Armour affiliate program.

Even though this affiliate program is legitimate, the low commission rate means that you won’t be able to make much money with it in the long run.

It is acceptable if you want to advertise Under Armour products alongside other (related) products.


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