Nike is without an argument one of the best clothing brands in the world especially for foot wears and athletic apparels. Hence, if you have an audience of people who are interested in sport wears this could be the best brand to work with as an affiliate.

Nike uses a standard affiliate marketing model and offers several unique benefits to its affiliates. However, you must meet the standard requirements to be eligible to enrol in the program. The affiliate commission is high, and the standard 30-day referral period is also great for such a big brand like Nike.

The Nike affiliate program is fully operational in over 160 countries of the world. So, you can enrol in the program insofar as you are within an eligible country.


The Nike affiliate program is open to everyone who has an audience to promote Nike’s products to and earn a referral commission. This includes social media influencers, bloggers, information sites, coupon sites, price comparison, and review sites. If you are any of this and decide to opt in to the Nike affiliate program, you will earn a commission by referring users to to buy products.

Typically, Nike provides advertisements ads or banners for participating affiliates to post on their website to market Nike products.

Please, note that Nike does not have its specific affiliate program. So, interested prospective affiliates must sign up using third-party programs. However, all affiliate commissions are paid by Nike.


Nike occasionally offers competitions or promotional periods to its affiliate marketing members and affiliates with the highest number of sales usually get a lofty prize. Typically, Nike awards members of its affiliate program with a gift such as a gift card to their store.

Nike will pay you up to 11% in affiliate commission for each sale that you generate with your affiliate link. This rate is competitively higher than what many other affiliate platforms pay.

Besides these, you have the following


Not just anyone can sign up to become a Nike affiliate. You must meet a particular set of requirements to advertise for Nike most important of which is that you must have a following. Otherwise, you must be related to Nike and its products in some way.

To register, follow the steps below:

  1. Register on Nike’s Affiliate website,
  2. Wait for the DCMnetwork publisher team to review and approve your application.
  3. Once approved, log into your dashboard and view all offers + commissions.
  4. If you already have an account at DCMNetwork, Login to it.
  5. Search for Nike under “Find & Browse” to get information about the terms & conditions, and the commissions.
  6. Some offers require approval before you start promoting. Hit “Request Approval” if interested. Your application will be reviewed and approved.
  7. Get tracking links or create deep links.
  8. Download creatives or request for creatives for your code.
  9. View report to check conversions.


Nike makes products for sports and daily activity. The company has a wide variety of clothing, from leisurewear to athletic gear. Popular options include T-shirts, Tank tops, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Socks, and Running gear. Most of these are clothing materials for athletics and other sports – running, soccer, basketball, skateboarding, etc.

Therefore, as an affiliate, you can promote their clothing on your website. And the more they buy through your link, the more you make more money.

Nike sells a wide variety of shoes in different styles and shapes. Each shoe performs a specific function like running, or walking. Some are unique to specific sports like football, basketball etc. Others, like sneakers, are mainly for fashion. So, you can promote Nike shoes on your platform and when someone buys them with your affiliate link you earn money.

Besides mainstream clothing, you can also promote different clothing accessories and make more money for yourself.

You can create a social media post, an article for publication in a forum/journal, or a blog about clothing and fashion items. There, you insert your affiliate links and encourage your readers to try out the products. Once they do, you earn affiliate commission.


The Nike affiliate program definitely has potential. The affiliate commission is ok (11%), and with the standard 30-day cookie expiration timeframe you are good to go. However, note that thousands of affiliates are currently promoting Nike’s products and so it’s getting harder to rank for keywords with higher buyer intent these days.

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