Netflix, Inc. is a Los Gatos, California-based production company and over-the-top streaming service operated in the United States. In addition to its productions, known as Netflix Originals, the company was founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph in Scotts Valley, California. It offers a library of motion pictures and television series through distribution agreements.

Netflix has been on the move in disrupting both the movie and the entertainment industry globally. In 1997, Netflix become the world’s first rental store to sell DVDs online. Its business model exceptionality swallowed Blockbuster (a former DVD rental store).

A study has shown that 16 million homes in the U.S. no more make use of cables, decoders, or satellite subscriptions. But instead, they make use of OTA programming (that is over-the-air) which is wireless.

Netflix’s success over the years has ushered in competition. Many entertainment companies are rising to compete with Netflix. The ongoing competition is for people’s money, loyalty and attention. Some of these competitors like Showmax, Amazon prime video, Hulu, and many others stream content online.

Regardless of the competition, Netflix stocks still soar to the top. Also, Netflix has joined the FANG trend. This acronym (FAANG) contains the top five high-performing technology stocks. among them are Google, Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook.

Netflix Affiliate program

Is there an affiliate program for Netflix? you might wonder. The answer is simply NO. Netflix used to have an affiliate program as a marketing strategy in other to grow their business. They paid commendable commissions to their affiliates. But Netflix has long canceled its affiliating program. They now make use of PPC ( Pay-Per-Click) and Word-of-mouth as other means to advertise.

But does it mean that there is no alternative to Netflix? Hopefully, other entertainment industries like Amazon prime video have affiliate programs.

Other Streaming, Television, and Movie Affiliate programs

Apple TV+

Apple TV’s affiliate program gives a distinct way for an affiliate to link to millions of albums, books, movies, audiobooks, songs, and TV shows. Apple TV pays a commission of 300 percent on each sale.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon prime video also known as Prime video is an online Video-on-demand service developed, controlled, and owned by Amazon. Amazon offers viewers exclusive popular movies, TV shows, and most importantly Amazon Originals. They pay a commission of $3.



CuriosityStream is considered the world’s first streaming service given to provide the best documentaries from around the world. This it’s name CURIOSITYSTREAM. They pay a 40 dollars commission per lead.



Disney+ is the streaming place of Disney, Marvel, Natgeo wild, Pixar, and Star Wars. With new movie releases and Disney+ Originals, Nobody is left out.


Dish Network

The streaming network, Dish Network delivers technology and entertainment to thousands and millions of users with its satellite DISH TV. Dish Network pays about 100 dollars as their commission per purchase.



ESPN+ is a visual or video streaming subscription that is available in the United States. People who subscribed can stream live sports, studio programming, and ESPN originals.


Fubo TV

Fubo TV is an American online television. Just like ESPN+ it streams particularly live sports like NBA, MLS, MLB, and international football games. It pays a $30 commission.



HBO Max is a streaming platform that covers all of HBO together with more TV shows, blockbuster movies, and Max originals for everybody to have fun and enjoy.



Subscribers enjoy the latest TV shows, action movies, and Sci-fi content in one app with unlimited streaming. Hulu’s commission rate is about $9 per sale.



Paramount+ is an online video streaming subscription network controlled and owned by CBS interactive. Paramount pays a $9 commission just like Hulu.



It is an online television company providing more than 45 live TV channels and app channels. Philo pays a 10 dollars commission.



The world has been turned into a world of competition. Netflix taking first place in the entertainment industry others are looking to take second or third place. But in the next ten years, things may change because other streaming platforms are making impressive moves that may kick out Netflix from the top.

Make the right choice as an affiliate and join an affiliate program that you know will give you what you need.

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