Lowe’s is one of the biggest home improvement stores with a large suite of products. The eCommerce brand sells everything home utilities – bathroom fixtures, lumber, gardening supplies, cleaning solutions, etc. The company occupies the second position in global rankings of the best home improvement stores. Lowe’s continues to expand with new and improved marketing methods which stand the company out from other home improvement stores.

Lowe’s affiliate program allows people to promote the company’s products for a commission. Lowe’s affiliate program was launched in 2013 on the Commission Junction network. Anyone can become a Lowe affiliate and earn income from promoting the company’s products. However, to earn good affiliate commissions you should have a strong online presence.

Lowe’s affiliate partner program offers a base payout of around 60 Dollars. This means that once you earn up to $60 you are eligible to get paid as a Lowe’s affiliate.

How Lowe’s Affiliate Program Works

First, you apply to become a Lowe’s affiliate. Once you are approved to join Lowe’s affiliate program, you will be granted access to a customized dashboard where you can create affiliate links for various online products. You promote these links on social media, blogs, websites, forums, etc.

When someone clicks on the links and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission of 2% of the sale price. Lowe’s allows you to easily track sales and commission income thanks to its highly updated dashboard.

Benefits of Being A Lowe’s Affiliate.

Having the opportunity to earn passive income is something every content creator hopes for. Fortunately, this is possible with the Lowe’s affiliate program.

Some of these opportunities and benefits of becoming a Lowe’s affiliate are discussed below:


Some affiliate programs only offer commissions on certain products, but at Lowe’s, you can earn affiliate commissions on all of Lowe’s products besides gift cards and lumber.

  1. Flat Commission Rates

Whereas other affiliate systems offer varied commission rates per product, Lowe’s offers a flat rate of 2% for all products on its affiliate dashboard.

Low Payout Limit:

You need just a balance of $60 (for direct credit) and $100 (for check withdrawals) to withdraw your affiliate earnings Also, payment processing is very quick thanks to the third-party payment processors used by the Lowe’s affiliate program.


As a member of the program, you have access to many marketing tools and learning resources to help you create quality and unique content. Not all affiliate programs offer such perks. Utilizing these marketing materials for your advertisement is both beneficial and time-saving.

How To Join The Affiliate Program

To become a Lowe’s affiliate, you just need to follow a few easy steps. The application comes in 2 stages. The first is applying to join the affiliate network while the second is applying to join Lowe’s affiliate program

See the steps below:

  1. Go to the Lowe’s affiliate network website
  2. Apply by following the prompts and waiting for approval
  3. After being notified of approval, you will be directed to the affiliate program page in your network
  4. Apply to Lowe’s Affiliate Program by providing all relevant information.
  5. Finally, you will wait for a notification.

Note: To get approval to join the Lowe’s affiliate program, you must provide all relevant and required information when completing both applications. Issues concerning missing data, false information, etc. may delay application approval.

In addition, your application may be rejected if you are caught withholding relevant information in the application process. Hence, ensure that the information you provide is correct, relevant, useful, true, factual, and up-to-date.

How To Make Money after Becoming a Lowe’s Affiliate or Partner

For you to make money for the Lowe’s affiliate program, you must adhere to all instructions given by the affiliate program. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Publish and Promote Quality Content

Try not to oversaturate your website, blogs, social media handles with content containing an excessive number of affiliate links thereby making your content look spammy. If the quality of your content reduces, it appears like a scam and may in turn affect your income.

Avoid Spam

Posting content or sending emails regularly is important, but don’t include too many affiliate links in them. This tactic can result in your content and emails being marked as spam, resulting in fewer views and open rates. Low traffic and/or low open rates mean minimal commission income, which you want to avoid.

Take Advantage of the Tools Provided

Lowe’s affiliate program offers a variety of excellent resources and tools for development. You should take advantage of the provided affiliate marketing tools in your marketing endeavors. These resources can save and also earn you a lot of money.


Lowe’s Affiliate Program is rated one of the best affiliate programs you can sign up for today. It is genuine and easy to cash out from if you know your way around. It allows you to promote any product of your choice offered by the company except lumber and gift cards.

Additionally, you get a chance to earn a flat commission rate on every item you sell, regardless of which store department you belong to. So, join the program today to earn juicy commissions from affiliate sales.

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