If you are searching for an alternative source of income and have a car the manufacturing date is not later than 2003, you can sign up as a bolt driver and start earning some extra income.

That is why I’m sharing with you this Bolt driver sign-up guide to walk you through the registration process.

Make sure that you stay glued as there will be no step skipped in this post.

One thing I like about being a bolt driver is the flexible work schedule.

You only take ride requests only when you are ready to drive.

That’s awesome, right?

What this means is that you can go about your normal business and turn on the app when you are ready to work.

I even thought this will conflict with my work time online but that was not the case when I activated my Bolt driver app.

So that is why I’m sharing with you this guide to help you through the signup process in case you are also interested in signing up as a Bolt driver.

Bolt driver sign up requirements

Bolt Driver Sign Up

The first thing you need, before you are qualified for Bolt driver sign-up, is a Sedan or SUV car that a manufacturing date not later than 2003.

Then a valid driver’s license.

Once you get a car that is qualified and a valid driver’s license then you are good to go.

The next step is to complete the Bolt driver sign-up page, then visit the nearest office for your car inspection and account activation.

Here are the steps to sign up as a Bolt driver

But immediately after you have completed the signup page, the next step is for you to visit the nearest bolt office for account activation.

At the office, before your account is activated, you will be taken on training that will help you operate the app and the business generally.

Thereafter, you will be given a short test to be sure you understand how it works.

Once everything is set, swipe online and start taking ride requests.

I’m already a registered Bolt driver and I’m open to any questions that you may have.

So if you have any questions or contributions to make to this post please leave it in the comment.

The city that you are currently in does not matter, I can always be of help.

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