Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission (FIXED)

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Xender phone storage couldn't write no permission

If Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission is the issue that you are having while trying to use your phone’s Xender app to send or receive files, you will get that fixed here.

Xender is one of the most used file exchanging apps among Android and iOS operating systems respectively.

Of course, you can also use Xender to send files to and from your PC, so its functionality is not limited to just mobile phones.

But it gets frustrating when you try to use your Xender app to send or receive files only to have this error message “Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission”

Maybe your phone memory is the preferred storage location but has no permission to write.

Not to worry, Howtosguider.com knew you were going through this mess, that is why this post was written just for you to make sure you are able to fix this issue.

This is one of the common storage errors with Xender, so a solution must be provided to the affected users.

No need to go in search of a tech-savvy when you can do it yourself.

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But today, we want to specifically deal with “Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission”, what is causing it and how to get it fixed to get rid of this error message.

It is possible that you were trying to change the storage location in your Xender app when you had this message that “Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission”.

Here is how to fix “Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission” within minutes

Solving this Xender permission problem is pretty simple.

For the sake of this article, I will be using a Xiaomi phone to illustrate how you can fix Xender phone storage couldn’t write no permission problem.

If you are using a variant device, the graphical interface would be pretty similar to the one I’m about sharing with you now.

— To solve this problem, you need to modify your device system’s settings for your Xender phone storage to be able to write with permission.

This is located in your app settings page.

You can also locate that on your device if you are using a different device from mine.

  • Tap on your phone settings to get to this “app settings”
    Xender phone storage couldn't write no permission (FIXED)
  • Now you should have a list of other options such as Autostart, Permission, Other permissions and Install via USB
  • Leave other options and tap on “Other permissions”
  • Now you should have a list of all the applications that are installed on your phone
  • Scroll down to where you have Xender and tap on it. Apps are arranged alphabetically so you are likely to find Xender at the bottom of the page
  • Now tap on the second option on the list “Modify system settings”
  • You will now be prompted to either accept, notify or deny the action. In this case, choose the first option “Accept”
  • Choose the modify system settings now and you are good

Now you can head over to Xender and switch the storage location to your preferred directory as your Xender App permissions problems have been fixed already.

It’s that quick and easy!

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