X6 smartwatch SIM card size and where to buy

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X6 smartwatch SIM card

How about X6 smartwatch sim card?

After sharing the specification of the X6 smartwatch phone, a lot of interested buyers have been inquiring to know more about the X6 smartwatch sim card.

Well, I talked briefly about it in the specification page, maybe that was not enough to tell them all they needed to know about the X6 smartwatch sim card.

Here, I will specifically tell you more about X6 smartwatch sim card size, where to buy it and other things you may want to know about it.

Of course with this X6 smartwatch, you can directly put some of the functionalities of your smartphone directly on your wrist.

That’s incredible, right?

But to get started, you need a SIM card.

Where is X6 smartwatch SIM card slot located?

You may wonder as small as this smartwatch gadget is, where could be the possible SIM slot for this gadget?

The X6 smartwatch SIM card slot is located at the back of the smartwatch underneath its 450 mAh lithium polymer battery.

That is against the SIM slot technology adopted by some smartphones manufacturing brands lately (Having the SIM slot at the side or top of the smartphone).

When you open the back of the smartwatch, you will also find a slot for a micro SD card, that’s not what we are talking about today, but just so you don’t get surprised when you find it on getting there.

X6 smartwatch SIM card size

As stated in the specifications I shared about this gadget, the X6 smartwatch uses a nano SIM card size. Having a nano SIM card size now is not a problem as most smartphones support it now.

If you are having an older SIM card which is not a nano size and you wish to use the SIM card in your X6 smartwatch, you can either cut the SIM card to a nano size of you use a new SIM card that is a nano size and retrieve your mobile number.

Where to buy X6 smartwatch SIM card

Any telecommunication provider in your country will have a SIM card that will fit into your X6 smartwatch.

Walk down to any of the providers’  point of sale and get a nano SIM card for your X6 smartwatch.

Now you know a bit about X6 smartwatch SIM card, what else would you like to know about this X6 smartwatch?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Meanwhile, here is the full specification of the X6 smartwatch you must read.

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