Windows 10 User Guide: Tips on How to use Windows 10

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Windows 10 User Guide: Tips on How to use Windows 10

You will be shocked to know that some Windows users are yet to upgrade their operating system to Windows 10 because of the fear of how it works.

In this article, you would learn several tips on using Windows 10 and we would explain each and every feature and how to use them.

So even if you’ve had an eye on the Windows 10 operating system before, these tips will help you find your way around the Windows 10 interface.

Windows 10 is a personal computer operating system which was developed by Microsoft and it was released in the year 2015.

It is still the only version of Windows that receives updates.

It introduces a number of new elements which includes using a touch-optimized interface, Cortana assistant, Edge browser and a lot of multiple desktops.

We would teach you how to get started with the Windows 10 operating system on your computer.

Using the Start Menu in Windows 10

Click on the Start menu to open the start menu list.

Usually, you will find that at the bottom left corner of your computer.

You can also access the start menu in your Windows 10 by hitting on the Windows button on your keyboard.

It is where you would find most of what you need to get started in Windows 10 such as the apps, settings, and files.

Locating your apps in Windows 10

There are a lot of features on Windows 10 and here is how to find the app that you are searching for in your Windows 10:

  • On the rightmost panel on the screen, you will see some colorful tiles. Some are just links on how to open apps, while others are showing live updates.

Note: Live tiles consume data in the background. Here is how to turn off live tiles in Window 8. The same step applies to Windows 10

  • Right-click a tile to see its menu. You can change the size, you can pin it to the taskbar (it is at the bottom of the screen) or you can unpin it too from the menu.
  • Arrange the tiles in a way that you wish. Just click and drag the tile to your preferred location.
  • Click on the ALL APPS to see the list of installed apps. It’s at the near bottom corner of the menu. It displays a list of your apps in alphabetical order.
  • An app name can be typed into the search bar at the bottom-left corner of the menu to search an app name. Anything can be searched this way such as downloads items, apps, and items on the internet.

Adjusting the menu size

You can adjust the Start menu as large or small as you desire. To do this, you would place the mouse cursor at the top-right corner of the menu till it becomes two arrows, you would click and drag outward to make it larger or you drag inward to make it smaller.

Click on Setting

You will find this in the bottom-left corner. It is where you will find the computer settings, including network settings, the system information, personalization, and the network settings.

  • Click on Personalization

This is where you would go to change the colors, fonts and several visual elements of the Windows.

Using Built-in Apps in Windows 10

Browsing the web with Microsoft Edge

Edge was used to replace Internet Explorer. To get started, click the Start menu, click ALL APPS, then select the Microsoft Edge.

In most Windows 10 powered computer, you are likely to find the Microsoft Edge in the taskbar but should in case you can’t find it in the taskbar, follow the steps above and you will be able to locate it manually.

Using photo app to edit your photos in Windows 10

Photos saved to the pictures directory on your system will be added automatically to the photos app.

This makes it easier to edit the photos without wondering where the photos are. To open, click the Start menu, click ALL APPS, select photos. To edit, click it in the photo app, at the top click Edit & Create, then choose any of your desired editing tools.

Using the Xbox

If you have been an Xbox user before, you will find all of your game history, friends’ messages in the Xbox app, which you would see in the ALL APPS folder.

Use of the Maps app

With the new maps feature you can explore in 3D, View Street, print directions, view traffic and so much more.

Using OneNote for organizing your notes.

It is pre-installed on all computers running on Windows 10. It can be used to create virtual notebooks. You would find it in the ALL APPS area of the Start menu.

Installing Apps in Windows 10

The Windows Store

Windows 10 now encourages you to download apps from their store.

It makes it easier to install and to ensure you are downloading the original versions of the apps.

To do that, click on the start menu at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Click Microsoft Store, it’s a blue tile with a shopping bag logo inside.

Browse for apps using the search bar at the top-right corner or check through the categories to see what’s available.

Click on the app that interests you, tap get to install an app if its free, it will start downloading automatically but if the app costs money, follow the instruction on the screen to sign into your account and to process your payment.

Using Windows 10 search and Cortana

You will do this by opening Cortana, which is the virtual assistant. We have two ways to open the search bar:

  • On the right of the Start menu click the circle or magnifying glass
  • Press Win+S the search bar would open and then type what you are searching for.

Uninstalling Apps

  • Click on the Start menu. Click on settings, click on Apps where you will see all of the installed apps, click on the app you want to remove and click uninstall. If the option isn’t available then you have selected an app that can’t be uninstalled (bundled app).

Shutting down, Restarting, and using the Sleep Mode in Windows 10

Click the Start menu; make sure all your work is saved before shutting down or restarting your pc.

Click the power icon it’s near the bottom-left side of the start menu, several shutdown options will appear.

Click on SLEEP if you want to put it in a low-power state. Click RESTART to shut down and restart the pc.

Click SHUT DOWN to turn off the computer completely.

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