Why you should not update your Android app [read this before you update] 

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Why you should not update your Android app [read this before you update] 

I’m not saying that updating your android app is a bad idea neither do I discourage you from keeping your apps updated.

But before the update, there are few things you may want to consider before getting your app is updated.

When you have a notification from Google play store in your status bar to update an app, there is definitely a new feature added to the app that requires you update it to start enjoying the added feature.

Before you update, have you stopped for some minutes to ask if the new feature added to the app will be of benefit to you?

I had my share not too long.

There is a financial app in my Android device that was rendered almost useless after an update.

I did not notice it up until the day I needed to initiate a transaction using the app, the newly updated app required a hardware token to complete the transaction.

Funny enough, I didn’t have the hardware token required.

The only option I have left was to downgrade the app to an earlier version so I could complete the transaction.

In Android OS, it is impossible to downgrade the already installed application.

If you really want to take it back, you may need to uninstall the already installed app, before installing the earlier version you wish to go back to.

So my point is this – Before you accept to update your Android app, check to know if you really need the newly added feature.

There is always a summary of the newly added features in the Google play store.

You might want to read through this overview or ask your friends and colleagues using the same app to share their experiences with the updated app and possibly share the new feature that they have noticed.

The worse way to learn is to learn by experience. It’s enough to learn from the misfortune of another fellow.

What do you think about this brief piece?

I was just seating and felt I should write something so I grabbed my phone and started writing this piece.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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