Where to subscribe GOtv in Uyo

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If you don’t know where to subscribe GOtv in Uyo, this post promises to share a credible place where you can subscribe your GOtv decoder in Uyo and have it credited almost immediately.

If you are new to Uyo, I can help you with your subscription.

There are various outlets in Uyo where you can pay for your subscription.

One of the places where to subscribe GOtv in Uyo is any GOtv outlets in Uyo.

But in cases where you don’t have the time to visit the GOtv office to pay your subscription?

Or what if on getting to the office you meet a long queue of other GOtv subscribers who also want to pay their monthly subscription?

If you did not know let me tell you about it.

One of the services offered on this blog is paying monthly cable subscriptions.

Be it GOtv, DSTV, startimes and the rest.

You don’t need to leave the comfort of your home or office to go and pay your GOtv monthly subscription when a techinformat agent can help you do it.

Though this post is targeted at GOtv subscribers in Uyo who are searching for where you pay their monthly subscription.

If you are a non Uyo residence, you can also take advantage of this service to pay up your subscription even when you don’t know where to subscribe GOtv in Uyo.

GOtv subscription pricing on Techinformat

From the 6 packages of GOtv subscriptions, I will be sharing our subscription pricing for the 2 most popular GOtv subscription plans.

That is the GOtv Max and the GOtv plus.

Though you can still contact me if you have the need to subscribe to other GOtv packages.

For GOtv Max subscription, we charge N3500 and N2,300 for GOtv plus respectively.

If you have any other GOtv package that you want us to help you subscribe, feel free to leave a message and we’ll do it just for you.

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