Where does print screen save to Windows 7

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Where does print screen save to Windows 7

So where do the shots you captured using the prt sc option save to in Windows 7?

Where does print screen save to Windows 7 is a commonly asked question by Windows 7 users.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the directory where you can find your print screenshots.

Finding it might be a bit tough especially when you have so many folders and files in your computer, it is not going to be a hit or miss game but straight to the point targeting.

You just go straight to the file directory where all of the files are saved.

Where print screen save to Windows 7

Your print screen saves to your computer picture folder, though not in the picture root folder.

When you open your computer picture folder, you will find other pictures and possibly other folders if you’ve created some.

So even if you’ve never captured a screenshot before using the prt sc option, using it for the first time will automatically create a folder called “screenshots”.

If you have a folder in your picture directory called screenshots, then all the print screen saves directly to that folder.

But if you do not have a screenshots folder in your picture directory, using the prt sc option will automatically create the screenshots folder in your picture directory and save all the print screen pictures there.

If for any reason your rename the folder, it will create another folder the next time you try to capture a screenshot using the prt sc option.

So note that!

Now you know where prt sc saves to in Windows 7 computer, you no longer need to search through the computer to find where the print screen you just printed saved to.

It was a brief one, just to tell your where print screen saves to in Windows 7.

If you have what is bothering regarding this topic that has not been mentioned here in this post, do not fail to let us know about it.

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