What to look out for when purchasing a computer

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What to look out for when purchasing a computer

There are quite a few things to look out for when purchasing a computer.

That, and many more will be revealed in this article.

I guess just the way some of us are born rich, some others are also born to be tech-savvy.

Normally, when one doesn’t know about something he or she is supposed to ask for direction.

However, I believe we have certain people who think because they have been browsing the net for a while now means they have got what it takes to be a tech-savvy.

I have a cousin currently living with me and the boy just love pressing phones, I mean this boy is capable of pressing his phone from morning till night and he wouldn’t feel dizzy.

I press my phone too but not quite as much as he does.

Because of this fact, I think he confused himself as regards the meaning of tech-savvy and considered himself one when in reality he knew nothing about what is what in the tech field.

Recently he intended buying a computer (fairly used) so I told him to get the name of the laptop to me should he find one so I could tell him if it was worth buying for the price he probably saw it for.

A lengthy argument resulted after my statement because like I mentioned earlier, he had considered himself a tech-savvy individual so I left him to his fate.


At the end of the day, the young man ended up buying a laptop with dual-core AMD processor with 320GB HDD, 8GB RAM, 14-inch screen and a few other unimportant features with the price of 70,000 naira while he hoped to be a graphics designer.

Saying I laughed the sh*t out of him was an understatement as I think I must have inflicted some wounds on him with my laughter.

He finally came around to see me as the tech-savvy guy that I am and succumbed to my leadership in regards to everything techs and gadgets has to offer.

This has been a major issue in Nigeria and major parts of the world today, and the only way the other parts of the world are better is that they are actually aware of their ignorance in a particular field and they hence seek after someone to help them out.

People who buy computers/laptops and notebooks these days look out for a couple of things such as RAM and hard disk size, and while these are important components one should look out for, they aren’t all one should look out for.

So, this article is meant you educate you on what computer components are more important than the other and what are the right specifications one should actually look out for when about to buy a computer.

  1. SIZE

The size of a computer is just as important as every other component in a computer.

However, the size of a laptop depends on specific user needs. Although any size of a laptop can actually be used for anything but in other to get the best experience, the sizes then vary.

The 15.6inch laptop is majorly for writers and graphic designs who need to get their users the best graphic designs and written content as well as those who don’t fancy taking laptops away from their homes.

The size of the laptop makes it difficult for it to be carried around, this means if you plan of roaming around with a laptop, then you shouldn’t purchase a 15.6inch laptop but rather get anything between 12 to 14-inch lightweight system.


The RAM basically allows you to run a number of apps simultaneously without your computer freezing up on you.

The RAM is a very essential component in the computer and having a 4Gb ram is the most basic thing offered by laptop manufacturers these days.

However, all laptops come with an extra ram port which means you can always choose to increase your ram size. This means a 4Gb laptop should be what look at for if you are a regular and 8Gb or more if you are a heavy user who carries out gaming activities, photo or video editing and more.


This is the most important component in your computer as regardless of the magnitude of your RAM or hard disk if you aren’t using a good processor you are susceptible to being affected by a VERY frustrating user experience.

Intel currently manufactures the best types of chips which makes them the most sort after.

The best chips are their duo double cores and above, so I recommend you go for anyone in this range and you will be great.


This is also an important piece in a computer. However, your computer will only go crazy when you are running out of space.

This means if you aren’t a movie fan or you really don’t have large data to store on your personal computer (PC) then you can go for a hard disk of about 250Gb or higher.

However, if you love movies, games, and softwares then the most logical thing to do is have a hard disk ranging from 500gb to 1 terabyte.


Graphics cards are also an important factor in a laptop, especially when you are a game lover.

The game lovers will agree with me that there are certain games which require a certain level of graphics cards before they can be installed in your pc and also, to enjoy the best forms graphics display for other games regardless of what it asked for, then you need a good your laptop/computer having a good graphics card as well as for an improved computer resolution.

Some prominent graphics cards you should look out for are, NVIDIA or AMD. These graphics card manufacturers will give you the very best in improving your overall computer resolution.

Some other minor things to look out for includes:

  • Your budgets
  • WI-FI availability
  • Bluetooth and the
  • Operating Windows, it is coming with

So there you have it, these are the things you need to look out for when buying a computer. Feel free to drop a comment about your contributions or what you think.

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