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If you are thinking about buying a slap chop, yourself, you might want to read what people are saying about the product.

So on this page, we’ll share with you reviews from real time slap chop users.

— D. Hinton says her kitchen can’t be without a slap chop.

This is my 3rd Slap Chop.

I bought the first over 15 yrs ago when they were only sold at demonstrations at the mall.

That one lasted until just a couple months ago and it was heavily used all those years.

The second stays in our camping box and the third just replaced the first.

I have to admit I bought another big name brand chopper for a replacement first, the brand’s reputation tempted me.

What a mistake!

It didn’t take long to realize the Slap Chop was so superior in all ways.

The blades are sharp, but it’s the easy in cleaning that is first with me.

I’ve used it to chop everything from soap to nuts, literally, and it handles it all with ease.

My kitchen will never be without one!

— Anna Kate

This is my second Slap Chop because I used my first one so much I wore it out!

Hubby is a pecan farmer so I use a lot of pecans in my desserts, salads, etc. and the Slap Chop is excellent for chopping them.

I am from Louisiana and use “the trinity” (onions, celery, bell pepper) a lot in my cooking and the Slap Chop is perfect for that.

It’s easy to use and easy to clean (goes in the dishwasher) so what’s not to like?!

I had my first one for several years and had no complaints and I’m sure I will be just as pleased with this one.

— Katharine Pattillo

Love the Slap Chop!

I hate having to slice/dice/chop stuff with a knife, it can be so time-consuming…this has cut my food prep time in half!

My only complaint is it’s a little more difficult to take apart to clean than they make it out to be.

But that’s not a big deal.

It works great and my son’s favorite thing to do with it is chopped up Oreo cookies and sprinkle them over his ice cream 😆 I definitely recommend this!!

— Slappy Happy

When I first saw Vince (the slap chop guy) on the box, I knew this was a quality product.

And, just like the ShamWow, Vince has shown me the light!

Slap Chop lets me express my uninhibited rage towards vegetables in a way I never thought possible.

Before, I had to punch and mangle tomatoes with my bare hands, leaving evidence and empty fulfillment on the counter and all over my palms.

Now, I can use that same hatred and compress it into this beautiful machine.

Without all the regret dripping off my counter!

Thanks you so much Vince.

You have shown me the path once more.

With all of these happy customers singing praises of slap chop, it, therefore, means that it is a good product for your kitchen.

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