Video format supported by DVD player USB

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Of course, you know that it is not all video formats that are supported by a DVD player.

These days, almost all the DVD players have USB ports where you can plug in a flash drive or your mobile phone to play media files from the external device.

But when it comes to playing of the video files, what is the video format supported by DVD player USB?

The usual .MP4 video format that you usually play on your mobile phone may not play on your DVD player.

To have them played on your DVD player, you will need to convert the video format to a format supported by a DVD player.

There are several video converters out there which you can use to convert your video to a DVD supported format.

Most of them are online converters, though there are still some good one offline, too – Total video converter is one of the popular offline video converters I’ve used.

It is not about having the video converter in your possession, be it offline or online, if you don’t know the supported format to convert the video to, the video file may not play on your DVD player.

So in this post, I will share with you the video formats supported by DVD player USB.

So if that is what you were searching for and you landed here, that means you were served the right page, so stay tuned while I share with you a handful of the video formats supported by a DVD player.

Video format supported by DVD player USB

From the case I cited at the beginning of the article, a USB port is one of the primary specs of a DVD player these days.

So to make sure you use the USB port effectively, you must make sure that you convert all the video files that you want to be played on the DVD player to the format that I’m about sharing with you (supported formats).

Another scenario is my car DVD player.

I play most of my songs from the SD card slot of my car DVD.

But there were times I needed to play some video files from the SD card that is plugged into the system.

Trying to play an MP4 format or other unsupported formats will return an error to the screen.

Until I converted them to these formats, the whole files played successfully.

In fact, that is one of the things that triggered the publication of this content.

So let’s get into the real deal.

Enough of the stories!

Video format supported by DVD player USB

RMVB, RM, AVI etc are all video formats understood by most DVD players but depending on the make and the model of your DVD player, those video formats may not play on your DVD player.

So if you have a must watch video in those DVD selective video formats, you must convert them to what your DVD player can understand easily.

The most commonly read video format by almost all the DVD players is the MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.

Note: Videos converted those formats may be low quality.

I’m currently using an LG home theater and the video format I convert my videos to is .mpg and they play effectively.

Video format supported by DVD player USB

It is not a promotional article but I have to tell you, I use total video converter to convert my videos to DVD supported formats.

If you have questions to this effect, don’t hesitate you beep your boy.

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