Whatsapp unarchive: How to unarchive Whatsapp chat

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If you have some Whatsapp chat you have archived, you might want to know where your archived WhatsApp messages stored so you can make reference to it when you want to.

There are several reasons why you might want to archive your Whatsapp message.

If you have some private conversations in your Whatsapp chat you don’t want just anyone to have access to, then “Whatsapp archive” is the best option for you.

This option does not delete the conversation from your Whatsapp account but keeps it away from your recent chats.

Irrespective of the android device you are using, the tips I’m about sharing with you here on how to unarchive Whatsapp message will work, be it Samsung or any other android device, this should work fine for you.

Not just for Android users, this tip works for iPhone users too.

Archiving Whatsapp chats is quite easy but how to find archived chats on WhatsApp android is the main deal as there is no option in the app as “Archived message” or a similar button to help you retrieve your messages.

How do I restore archived WhatsApp?

Note: An archived message will be automatically unarchived once you get a message from that contact/chat.

So if you archived your Whatsapp message because you don’t what your spouse to see the conversation you had with your side chick, then you must be fervent in praying your side chick doesn’t leave you a message while your spouse is with your gadget 😆

There are basically 3 steps to retrieving and archived Whatsapp message

  1. Receiving a message from the archived contact with automatically unarchive it.
  2. In the search bar, type in the name of the archived contact
  3. Search a word or phrase from the archived contact

How to unarchive Whatsapp chat

Now you have the unarchived chat staring at you.

Tab it and leave the chat a message, and the chat will be back to your “Chats” list on the home screen.

Now it’s time to do whatever you wish to do with it – Read and unarchive it if you wish to by just leaving a message.

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