Truecaller verification problem? Here is how to fix it

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Truecaller verification problem

Is your truecaller verification limit exceeded? Here is what to do and what you may have probably done wrong.

Before the recent update of truecaller app, I’ve had no issues with the verification process, but in this new truecaller version 8.81.8, I found it very difficult to verify my truecaller app before finding this solution I’m about sharing with you guys.

Of course, you know that without verifying your truecaller app, you will not be able to maximize the full functionality of the app.

The application (truecaller) has been so useful to find out details of some unknown callers.

Dealing with strange callers can be a bit frustrating if you don’t have an app like this installed on your phone.

It’s not everyone who calls that you should ask who they are, some of the callers expect you should have their contact details saved in your phone.

But what if you lost the contact or the mobile phone which you had the contact saved?

Truecaller will help you retrieve the details of a particular caller at any point in time.

If the phone number you wish to use is not on the phone that your truecaller app is installed, you may have difficulty in verifying the account.

Before now, you could verify your truecaller even the phone number you wish to use is not within your custody, you can tell the person that is with the phone to send you the verification code once they receive it.

But now, the verification process is totally different from what we used to know.

I used to verify my truecaller app using the phone number that is on my second phone (not the smartphone that the truecaller is installed).

With the recent update, that method of verification has not been working anymore and I had difficulty verifying the app.

Each time I try to verify, they will call my second phone and on the smartphone, I will be told that there is no need to pick up the phone, unless I want to talk to a robot.

Truecaller verification

I expected to receive a verification code shortly after the call but before I could get the code, the field where I would have typed in the verification code received was already cleared.

The only option was for me to request the verification code again and you can only receive a code within 24h

All I could get was a pop-up message that I have exceeded the limit of verification codes that can be sent per day that I should please try again in 24h.

Truecaller verification problem

This scenario of exceeding the limit of verification codes kept repeating each time I try verifying the app, and I really wanted to start using the app.

Not to worry, here is a quick fix for you.

Truecaller verification problem and how to fix it

Here is how I fixed mine and have my truecaller app fully verified.

In the recent app update, you can no longer verify the account with a third party mobile phone number, compared to how it used to be in the previous versions.

Maybe this may be one of the reasons you may not need to update your app until you read some reviews about the updated version – Read this before you update your app.

Make sure the phone number you wish to use in the verification process must be on the phone that the app is installed.

If the SIM card you wish to use is not in your possessions, then you will need to get it.

You can still use the phone number that is already inserted into the mobile phone that the app is installed. It will still show the identity of strange callers in your phone.

But if it must be the desired SIM card, then find and insert it into the phone.

It’s that simple!

Remember, use the phone number that is inserted in the smartphone that the true caller app is installed.

During the verification process, the phone number will be called and your truecaller app will be verified successfully and you will be granted access to the app dialer and its full interface.

If you don’t have the phone number off hand, you can check mobile number by dialing this code NOW if you are using MTN.

Hope this helps you verify your trucaller app!

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