Top gadgets which will enable you live a smarter life

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Here, you will find out some of the gadgets to improve your life.

In fact, these are gadgets you can’t live without because these are gadgets that make life easier.

The more time flies, the more we evolve.

Who would have thought we will be able to fly without wings a thousand years ago?

I believe the idea alone can be categorized as witchcraft back then 😆

However, man has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he can achieve anything he puts his mind to because out of necessity man has made the craziest inventions.

With the growing and innovative technologies, people have now become either lazy or simply just seek a way by which they can live a smarter life.

You wouldn’t believe that using a password to sign into my phone and even my mobile banking app stresses me, well don’t blame me I just think during or after my stressful endeavors I deserve ease in performing little tasks.

I know this has also been the need for many Nigerians, this is why I have compiled a list of gadgets which will take some little burdens away from you and ultimately provide you with ease in living your everyday life.

  1. Caseta wireless smart lightning kit life

Believe me, I know how it feels when I have to walk to the light bulb switch before I am able to turn off the light.

It is annoying really, and quite stressful.

The common way which has been known to reduce these stress hasn’t been wireless as they too require you to carry out of the form of action or the other and others simply require you to switch all the bulbs in your home to smart bulbs.

This method has been highly efficient and still a bit stressful not to mention costly.

The Caseta wireless smart lightning kit, however, provides every user with the ability to be able to smartly control every light bulb in their home directly from their smartphones.

The Caseta smart light system gives users the ability to replace their light switches with connected switches which then turns everything controlled by these switches into a smart device.

Caseta simply turns your home lighting system into a smart one.

Caseta switches are easy to install and anyone with an electrical DIY (do it yourself) know how to install it without any assistance.

After installation, users will be able to control their lights and other gadget connected to Caseta with its mobile application which is available to both Apple users and Android users, wall switch or with a remote. Caseta will make your home smarter, trust me on that.

  1. Samsung smartthings home router and hub

Wi-Fi takes away the archaic medium of internet connectivity which requires you to own a broadband and run multiple subscriptions when using multiple devices.

There is no doubt that the emergence of WI-FI brought ease to people and especially cooperation’s such as banks who either used cables in distributing data or used broadband.

However, despite the benefits WI-FI has brought to users, they have also had their own impediments.

WIFI signals become weaker when there becomes obstruction such as walls and objects.

This has made cooperations again to make use of multiple wifi and subscription instead of one.

The smart things home router and hub fix these inefficiencies in wifi by using a mesh networking technology to cover a whole home and various offices using multiple routers working together seamlessly.

Each router covers a distance of 1,500 square feet while a pack of three in one will be able to cover a distance of 4,500 square feet.

Other than giving you a better wifi coverage while using a single subscription, the Samsung smartthings possesses other incredible features which makes use of plums artificial intelligence based technology to optimize wifi performers and ensure every connected gadget gets the best performance, speed and also adds parental control to help your kids stay out of trouble.

This technology also has a built-in smart hub which enables it to control well over 200 smartthings enabled device using its application.

This technology will serve you well both as a family man, bachelor, and even various cooperations.

  1. AfterShokz Trekz Conduction Headphones

Majority of these tech companies out there when it comes to the production of headphones focuses more on design than actually to bring the best in both designs and efficiency to users.

AfterShokz Trekz understands a great deal about headphones and hence this product was made.

When making phone calls with headphones, users are always disturbed by traffic noise or whatever is being done on the background.

While this may be bad and should be eliminated, a lot of problems can also resort when one is on the phone and his unable to hear what is happening in his/her environment, not to mention the inconveniences which sticking a headphone in your ears brings.

Sometimes I still feel my headphone in my ear long after I have taken it off.

These challenges users have faced are what have been eliminated by the AIR BONE CONDUCTOR HEADPHONE.

This headphone is meant to rest just above the ear generating crisp sound while sending vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ear.

This leaves your ear open to hear everything else going on around you while also eliminating every other sound from disturbing your call. The headphone uses a lightweight titanium which therefore engenders comfort.

  1. Bidet4me music showerhead waterproof Bluetooth speaker

This is for the music lovers.

I once lived with my cousin who was a music addict, the guy would play music when he wakes up, while he takes his bath, while working out and practically whenever he gets the chance to.

There are a lot of these sets of people out there and if this is you, then this product is for you.

The music showerhead is powered by Bluetooth which allows you connect your phone to your showerhead, sing along with your music while you bath and even answer your most important calls. The showerhead can also be detached to be used as a sound box in your room.

I’m guessing you thinking “you mean this kind of tech exist” well it does and it sure will enable you to live smart.

  1. Wireless video doorbell smart home security camera

With the high rate of crimes and buglers, security has now become a big deal in Nigeria and everywhere else in the world.

While this technology wouldn’t really help you call the police, it will help you become more vigilant.

This device helps you video chat with whoever is at your door regardless of the fact that you are home or not.

You get to speak with whoever is at the door, from wherever you may be using the tech’s mobile application.

This device goes further to alert you with a photo alert whenever someone approaches your apartment in order for you to know your next line of action.

While these gadgets may come to some as a shock, not believing that these sorts of tech actually exist, others might think that as a Nigerian they wouldn’t be able to acquire them or that they might be too expensive. Well to know where to get these gadgets at a fair price make sure you keep reading this blog as more related contents to what you just read will the published here.

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