Top 8 fuel efficient cars one can use in Nigeria

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Fuel efficiency in a car is one of the major factors to put into consideration when purchasing a car.

To this end, I will share with you these top 8 fuel efficient cars that you can use in Nigeria.

One would expect that for a country so bless by God with vast natural resources such as crude, we would enjoy the cheapest fuel rate in the world.

Nigeria stands at 10th place according to some researchers and even upwards in the top 10 countries in the world with the biggest oil reserves.

However, the price of petroleum which has become the most used in Nigeria due to many factors has been known to fluctuate since time immemorial.

Due to the removal of the current subsidy, the price of fuel has been quite stable than it has ever been but also it has made sure the commodity has become quite expensive. We currently buy fuel at a costlier price than even countries who have 0 oil reserve.

While the concept of buying a car is a good one, there are a lot of hassles and responsibilities which comes in the process.

One of the major challenges which have faced by car owners are now the price or fuel, this has made people to seek cars with less/minimal fuel consumption before attempting to purchase a car.

Therefore, if you are currently searching for a car which will provide you with great fuel economy, this list is for you.

Below are 8 of the most fuel-efficient cars according to various research’s put together by various individuals including myself.


Despite the reservations which may have for Toyota vehicles, one factor which has distinguished them from every other car out there is their ability to provide users with all that is needed in a mid-sized car.

Toyota cars and especially the Toyota Camry is known to deliver comfort as well as affordability.

The Toyota Camry offers a no-fuss driving experience with a great handling system not to mention its popularity which has made it easy to be maintained.

The Toyota Camry is estimated use 9.7Km/L to 13.9Km/L which makes it quite great for an economic car model.


Kia is still gaining ground in this part of the world.

But if there is one thing in which Kia is known for, it’s his comfortable interior room and engine which is similar to that of the Hyundai Electra.

The Kia Forte is a great vehicle but some say it lacks very agile handling but still, it makes an excellent vehicle.

Its estimated fuel economy ranges from 10.7Km/L to 15.0 Km/L.


One reason why I love this vehicle is that of its sleek design as well as its driving balance.

Great handling with a superb rear-seat room for driving. Its estimated fuel economy rating is between 8.5Km/L to 40.0Km/L.


This is also a vehicle which provides affordability as well as a great inner and outer design. The vehicle isn’t perfect, as there have been reports of its slow acceleration and sluggish handling.

However, if fuel economy is what you seek, this is one of the vehicles you should go for. its fuel consumption rates range from 11.5Km/L to 17.5Km/L.


Here is another Toyota product which provides not only a sleek design but also provides great handling as well a quiet forte.

The Toyota Corolla also comes with good interior design as well as roomie interior which gives inside a vehicle a cozy and classy look.

Above all, the vehicle has a great fuel consumption rate which ranges from 10.5Km/L to 14.0Km/L. so if a quiet and sleek vehicle with low fuel consumption is what you seek, then this is the car for you.


The TOYOTA RAV4 is the perfect blend for comfort, sleekness, reliability as well as good fuel consumption.

If you seek a vehicle for you and family to move around for vacations, events and more, then the Toyota RAV4 is the one for you.

This car is quite commendable as well a great performance. The vehicles fuel economy ranges from 12.80Km/L to 16.0Km/L.

I will recommend this vehicle for any family, anywhere and anytime and even for a man seeking to settle down and even a lady.

  1. MAZDA3

Growing up, heard a lot about Mazda and when I got old enough, the MAZDA3 was one of the few cars I ever drove.

Saying the car was perky wouldn’t do it justice. The car provides great handling, good engine, a lot of other luxury features.

The inner section of this car isn’t as roomie as the others listed above but its quite great.

The fuel estimation ranges from 11.0Km/L to 14.0Km/L. this car is a great choice for a family of two and any which is less as well as single gentlemen and ladies who desire to look classy.


The Honda Civic is a great vehicle and I once had a friend who named his own snow. Lol, his reason is simply beyond me.

The Honda Civic is a really great, classy and homie vehicle which provides comfort, beauty, power and a lot of other great capabilities.

However, it isn’t the most efficient vehicle out there but if you need beauty, a little bit of power and comfort, the Honda Civic will make a great choice.

Other than its other magnificent features, the car also provides a good fuel economy which ranges from 12.5Km/L to 14.0Km/L. I think you should take a personal look at this vehicle.


The data in this article isn’t precise but it is reliable and you are advised to perform further research on the article before purchasing any.

We’ll not be held responsible for any harm or disappointments which comes from purchasing any of the aforementioned vehicles.

Also, although these data refer to the brand new vehicles, older vehicles or cars which have had various forms of engine repairs might decrease the vehicles fuel economy or perhaps even increase it.

So there you have it, the top 8 fuel-efficient cars one can use in Nigeria.

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