Tips to creating a strong but easy to remember passwords

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Tips to creating a strong but easy to remember passwords

It is one thing to create a strong password, it is another thing to create a password that is easy to remember.

If you get a password that is hard for you to remember, you may get locked out even when you are the rightful owner.

There are password generators which you can use to generate strong passwords, but these type of passwords gets forgotten easily.

That is because it was not crafted around a familiar phrase.

In this technologically advanced era where everything gets locked up behind secure walls of data security, it is imperative and wise to have a strong padlock and key with you to safeguard your precious data.

Your password can be the reason why you either get scammed or your private information gets leaked out to the general public.

I’m sure you’ve read about some celebrities who had their private pictures which were taken in the confines of their private domain leaked out and had a bad bashing from fans and haters alike.

Even if you are not a celebrity and you’re already sure you won’t be one all through your life, your financial details made available to scammers who were able to bypass the feeble security you set up with your weak password can definitely lead you to a financial shipwreck.

But we all love to have a password which we can easily remember, right?

That’s why people end up with passwords such as their third names, the names of their spouses, their eldest kid’s name, date of birth, year of birth for ATM pin, or even worse; generic passwords such as password, Password1, 1111 or even 1234 which is the case with GOtv parental control default pin.

The problem with the fact that you can easily remember such password is also that others can also guess such passwords easily.

According to a research a friend of mine conducted in 2017, over 60% of females used their year of birth as ATM pin while 42% of guys used either their day and month of birth as their ATM pin.

Facebook passwords also went in like fashion as a lot of people used either their phone numbers or their full date of birth.

This kind of practice can lead you to frustration in the nearest future when eventually used against you.

So, How do you come up with a sensible and strong password which you’ll easily remember yet still be strong enough so that it will NEVER be guessable by others, not even your friends or spouse?

Disclaimer: I’m not advising you to set up a strong password so you can hide things from your spouse  😛 but to secure your data from strangers.

First, what are the attributes of a strong password?

Attributes of a strong password

  1. It should contain more than 8 characters.
  2. It must contain at least a CAPITAL letter.
  3. It must contain at least a small letter.
  4. It must contain at least a number.
  5. It must contain at least a special character.

Best passwords example list;

Below are various examples to show you simple ways of putting all these rules into practice.

Now, most of what you see up there are complex and very strong too.

I did not say you should start using any of them as your password, I just listed them there to give you an insight how a strong password should be.

But they may not be easily rememberable for you.

So I will teach you a trick of coming up with one strong password that functions for everything and is easily rememberable for you.

Tips for creating a strong password that is easy to remember

This is the trick…..

1. Double everything you see up there. Where you see a minimum of 8 characters, ensure you have at least 16.

Most websites or applications will only allow you enter up to 32 maximum. That’s just good enough.

To accomplish that, simply use sentences instead of simple singular words as your password and capitalize the beginning of each word or separate using hyphens.

E.g. MyNewPassWord$$11, God-Is-Good-year-4_thisYear.

2. Use the website or application in conjunction with your username creatively.

E.g. FacebookSamuel’s2010, $50FiverrGrenada$, Tech-InforMat-Admin2000

3. Remember, be simple enough to be able to recall the password whenever you need to. Only apply the same changeable format for most of your accounts. All you need is to be creative about it.

E.g. Gmail#2password00#, FaceBOOK#1passWORD**#, Nairaland#14passWORD77#

Finally, Even the best of passwords can be stolen and the simplest can be forgotten.

You are free to find a safe storage for writing down your passwords and keeping track of them but never make such storage online.

Keep it in a diary not in your office but at home, hidden away from where anyone can easily lay their hands on it.

Now you know how to craft/create a password that is strong enough to secure your data, yet, easy to remember.

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