The future of technology you must know

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The future of technology you must know

This article on the future of technology will serve for personal information and research purposes.

So to know more about the future of technology, thing post will be of immense help, so get in here and find out what you may want to know about the future of technology.

To know the future of technology, I guess one has to go back to before technologies were born in the first place.

Before the emergence of various technological tools today, various manual acts have been used in performing tasks.

I believe that had the concept of a vehicle of an aircraft been told to some of the earliest men, they would have been termed as some sort of witchcraft.

Man has built itself various tools and techniques in carrying out the various task and all that has been born out of necessity and nothing else.

If man never grew tired of riding on horses and chariots, I don’t think he would ever have thought of building a train nor a car or an airplane.

As time went by, man realized it needed to evolve and one of the ways he thought of doing so was by improving its techniques as well as building new tools he can use in performing various tasks.

With the level of technology, man has achieved so far, some will think that what more could a man want, I mean everything has already been made easy.

This fact isn’t at all true, as man will soon be entering into a whole new dimension of technology.

To have a visual glimpse of what to expect in the future, I guess its best you take out time to watch a few science fiction movies (sci-fi movies).

You see, every concept ever showed on screen isn’t just a vague idea in someone’s head but the concept which are already been explored in real life.

You see, sometimes man just has to wait for some certain advancement to be made before great inventions are established.

With the growing population in the world, it is said that by the 22nd century we should have automated flying cars due to the growing lack of roads.

These cars will all be powered by artificial intelligence which means self-driving cars.

Artificial intelligence which is also known as a machine is a form of intelligence which is meant to be demonstrated by machines and it is meant to function close to natural intelligence (man’s intelligence).

Machine to an extent has always been known to be more efficient than man.

This is because it never gets tired and it simply follows a line of command.

However, artificial intelligence isn’t a program which follows only the line of command but more like an algorithm which possesses the ability to learn from itself and from every information it is given.

The computer you use, phones and every other gadget currently known to man all follow various lines of codes and commands.

However, having your phone learn your sleeping habits through various mediums such as what time you pick up your phone in the morning and when you drop it at night and it on its own sets an alarm for you with your favorite song is artificial intelligence.

There is no type of code that tells it what to do, it simply learnt.

The concept of artificial intelligence isn’t any longer new, as there are already various forms of artificial intelligence in existence.

These machines haven’t taken over the world yet, but artificial intelligence mixed with robotics are the future of technology.

Artificial intelligence brings you a whole new level of interaction in your day to day life. Believe me, 2 years from now, many would no longer need a secretary as Artificial intelligence powered computers will be able to do all jobs such as set meeting, schedules, answer phone calls, set up meetings and many more.

If you are still in the dark as to the existence of artificial intelligence, here are a few of the existing artificial and technologies using artificial.

  1. SIRI

I believe a whole lot of you are iPhone users and you certainly know Siri.

While it might not have occurred to you that SIRI is powered by AI, here is your proof. Siri is Apple’s artificial intelligence personal assistance.

She is voice powered and can interact with users 24 hours a day and carry out the following task with ease

  • helps find information on the internet or on our phones
  • gives direction
  • add events to our calendars
  • helps sends messages and lots more.
  1. ALEXA

ALEXA is a smart home hub which is meant to make our home.

This product was introduced by Amazon and it took the world by storm when it was released.

ALEXA is used to decipher speech from anywhere in the room and help users carry out the following tasks.

  • scour the web
  • shop
  • schedule appointments
  • set alarms and many other magnificent features.
  1. TELSA

TELSA is the world’s first smart vehicle powered by artificial intelligence.

One of the reasons which have made TELSA stand out and caused it to have received worldwide accolades, it’s his predictive driving capabilities.


I mentioned earlier that artificial intelligence possesses the ability to learn from its self or from other users thereby giving it a better interaction with users.

AMAZON uses a transactional AI to power its store which enables it to study all customer habits and know just what they are looking for, thereby recommending these items to them.

AMAZON is a very large store and the AI is used to simplify the customer shopping experience.


Similar to what Amazon does, Netflix uses Artificial intelligence in learning user’s preference of movies thereby recommending user preferred movies to them.

The only bad side to this is that smaller labeled movies tend to get unnoticed.


I made major emphasis on artificial intelligence but in truth robotics and AI will be the future of technology.

However, artificial intelligence will be at the forefront of this development because every technology which will be built in the coming years, will all be made smarter with the use of AI.

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