SIM card cutter — Where to buy and the price

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SIM card cutter — Where to buy and the price

Following the trend of new smartphones adopting the use of micro, mini and nano SIM cards, the need for a SIM card cutter now arrises.

If you sell smartphones, you will need a SIM card cutter in your store or office.

What if one of the smartphones that you are selling is using a nano SIM slot and you don’t have a SIM card cutter? Meanwhile, you are trying to sell that phone to a customer?

You may likely lose that customer if he brings out his SIM card for you to insert in the phone he is about purchasing you start telling stories.

It’s not too long I got a new phone with a nano SIM slot.

Guess what? If I did not give out my SIM card to test the phone before leaving the phone store, I would have been stranded because I did not know initially that the phone is using a nano SIM while my SIM card was already a micro SIM.

Maybe I would have ordered for a SIM cutter immediately.

Though some telecom providers are trying their best to make their SIM cards multi sizes, such that if you use a phone that requires a micro or a nano SIM card it will still work by pulling out the desired SIM size out of the adapter.

But what if you want to use your old SIM card that you got years back when the technology of micro, mini and nano SIM cards were not adopted?

You will need a SIM card cutter to cut the SIM card so it can fit into the phone that you just bought.

This post is targeted to people who need a SIM card cutter for personal or commercial use.

Though I would not advise you to buy a SIM card cutter if all you want is just to convert a SIM either to a micro or nano size.

You can just walk into any phone outlet and have your SIM converted to the SIM size of your choice.

Again, phone outlets need this because most of these new phones come with SIM slots you cannot really predict the SIM sizes, so you need a cutter.

But where can one get a SIM card cutter and what is the price?

So that you don’t get cheated, being an item you have never bought before, you will need to have an idea about the price of this SIM card cutter so you know how to place your bids when you are told the price.

So here, I will share with you where to buy SIM card cutter and prices.

These cutters will cut a SIM card to your desired size, be it micro or nano, you will achieve all of that with the use of a SIM card cutter.

Please note: on no account should you try to use scissors or any culinary tool to cut your SIM card, you may damage the SIM card chip and thereby rendering your SIM card useless.

Where to buy SIM card cutter and prices

There are several offline stores selling this product and at the same time, it is not all the stores you feel they should have it will have it for you to buy.

You can imagine how stressful it would be moving from store to store in your locality to ask for it.

But Techinformat is here to make sure you have the information you need.

For as low as $4, you can get a SIM cutter.

Here, I will recommend an online store where you can buy the SIM card cutter right from the comfort of your home.

The good news is that these SIM card cutters are very cheap.

There are varieties of SIM cutters. One of them is Micro/Nano SIM card cutter. But I would recommend you to buy the all in one cutter for nano micro SIM card so that irrespective of the size of the SIM card that you want, you will not have any limitation.

Now you know the price of a SIM card cutter and where to buy it.

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