Security tips to keep you safe from hackers

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These security tips will help keep you safe from hackers, so make sure you have them at your fingertips.

The more the world evolves and various new and sophisticated technologies emerge, the more prone we become to fraudsters, hacker and every other internet hoodlum who seek to steal your personal data or your money.

While Nigeria is behind in technology and innovations, the rest of the world (1st and 2nd world countries) are already entering a digital age.

The digital age has brought what we know as digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies and the likes and various other easy ways by which things are now being done and carried out.

The digital age has made acquiring information also easy by digitalizing it.

This means all information regarding a person’s life such as date of birth, where he/she grew up, hospital records, pictures, bank details and more can be acquired from the internet.

Although Nigeria hasn’t gotten to the level where medical records and many others can be found in a server somewhere but the extent to which we have gotten, anyone can easily be impersonated, hacked of personal details such as videos, pictures and many more not to mention your bank details which should be your most prized possession because there isn’t quite anything like when you are robbed of something you worked so hard to achieve.

This article is meant to engender you to be more vigilant about your phones, computers and more in other to enjoy maximum security as well as be void of every form of data breach.

  1. Avoid leaving your mail and phone numbers on forums

If only you know the damage that can be done to you for carelessly leaving your phone numbers and email addresses on various public forums.

All bank transactions such as funds recharge, funds transfer can currently be done simply with the use of a few USSD codes punched into your sim card which you used in opening your account.

This means when you drop your phone numbers which you used in opening your bank account or your sensitive emails which you use in receiving important messages on a public forum, anyone visiting that forum can simply take advantage of these information’s in hacking into your bank accounts and gadgets and steal sensitive information as well as your funds from you.

Tip 1: The solution to this is simply either not dropping your numbers or mail on any public forum and if you have to, use a line which isn’t linked to your bank as well as an email which you do not use for important purposes.

  1. Avoid clicking on every mail you receive

Recently, phishing emails are sent to individuals and once this sorts of emails are clicked on, without knowing, users would have given control of their whole device to hackers.

This medium can be used in taking your bank details which can be used in transferring funds from your account without you having a clue about what is going on.

The only thing you will see is an alert from your bank telling you a certain amount of money has been withdrawn from your account.

There have been various reports of this kind of hacks happening in Nigeria today and just a week ago I was told of a man who lost close to 100 million naira in the process.

Tip 2: avoid opening/clicking on emails you are not sure of the sender.

  1. Always password your device

Hacking simply means an unauthorized access to any of your private gadgets which in this case includes your phone and laptop.

This means they don’t necessarily need to be an app developer for you to be hacked, as anyone who accesses your device without your authorization simply by knowing your password or out of your own negligence of not properly passwording your phone or computer is also a form of hacking.

Tip 3: lock your phones and laptops and use a strong password.

So many people are so predictable in choosing a password and I have been able to access many gadgets of my friends and love ones out of their silliness of not using a proper password.

You see people using the last 4 digits of their phone numbers or that of their girlfriends/fiancé/wife in passwording their phones, computer and even their banking apps or names of their beloved.

That is a very bad means of choosing a password, and I know you may want a password you can easily remember but it shouldn’t be any of the above listed.

This is why, some sites are adamant on you using a combination of words, numbers, numeric and sometimes even making sure you use caps lock on some words.

  1. Avoid storing your password anywhere

I know this must be a tough one for a lot of people because since they are advised not to use common passwords such as names and just numbers in protecting themselves, they tend to make use of passwords which can easily slip through the mind.

This have prompted them to always keep their password either written down in notepads or on actual ink written notes.

However, there are a lot of ways this can be terrible for users, because once these notes fall into the wrong hands, it will bring a lot of problems for you as you are well aware.

TIP 4: I know it might be difficult but you should avoid putting down your password either digital or not.

Here are a few suggestions for passwords you might remember.

Your name+ your mums, half your phone number and half of your girls or any other important person you may have in your life.

Also, while I strongly advise against keeping records of your passwords, to help you remember your passwords, you could put down hints for every of your password which should help you remember your passwords.

  1. Password your wifi strongly

Believe it or not, your Wi-Fi can be used in accessing your device data with or without your permission.

Am sure you have seen that through the use of the Xender app used in transferring data between phones.

Tip 5: your Wi-Fi password is as important as your mobile banking password, therefore make sure it is properly passworded as well as don’t allow strangers connect without supervision or give out the password.


This might not be what you expect but the above tips will save you a lot of harm if you stick to them.

Don’t forget to always visit your favorite place for more tips and news and tech information’s.

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