Requirements for opening a domiciliary account in GTBank

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As part of our efforts in building the finance section of this blog, we’ll be sharing with you today the requirements for opening a domiciliary account with GTBank.

With this information duly digested, you no longer need to walk into the GTBanking hall, join a long queue to make inquiries for the requirement for opening a domiciliary account with GTBank.

On this one, I will be talking to you as one of the customers operating a domiciliary account with GTBank.

Irrespective of the currency of the domiciliary account that you want to open, the requirements is pretty much the same.

As a blogger like myself, you will need a domiciliary account to transact internationally, since all of your clients may not be able to make funds available to a locally dominated account.

Anyway, whatever prompted you to come and search for the requirement to open a domiciliary account with GTBank is not the aim of this post, but the requirements to own one.

Just so I don’t deviate from the topic of the day.

Let’s get into the business of the day!

Requirements for opening a domiciliary account in GTBank

If you have an active savings account with GTBank already, opening a domiciliary account will be as simple as ABC.

You may not even need to go with an ID card since they already have one on your savings account file.

In my own case, as at the time of opening my GTBank domiciliary account, I already had a GTCrea8 account running on my profile.

So the process of opening a dom account for me was pretty simple.

So all I was required to come with to open my domiciliary account was just 2 passport photographs with an ID to confirm my identity.

They did not even need foreign currency to open my domiciliary account.

After a few days, I had my domiciliary accounts opened for the 3 major currencies in the world, that is the Dollar ($), Euros (€), and Pounds Sterlings (£).

Though I requested for only a dollar domiciliary account, they included Euros and Pounds for me and when I asked them, they said that is how they do it should in case I have the need for the other 2 currencies later on in future, I will not need to come and request again.

That was a great deal, anyway!

So what are the requirements?

List of requirements for opening a domiciliary account in GTBank

  • You Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • A Nigerian government issued ID card – National ID card, permanent voters card, International passport, or National drivers’ license
  • A utility bill of not older than 3months to confirm your address – It could be a water bill or NEPA bill.
  • A passport photograph
  • 2 reference forms duly completed and signed

If you are finding it difficult to find a referee with a current account with GTBank, contact us here.

We can always source for one for you.

That’s all!

That’s all you are required to have in place then you should be a proud owner of a domiciliary account with the Guarantee Trust Bank.

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