Top 5 ways to make money from recharge and get paid (RAGP)

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If you sit and watch this opportunity pass you by, then the fault is all yours.

I have been talking a lot about this recharge and get paid. I even shared a comprehensive guide on how RAGP works.

That is because I also want you to be a partaker of this money-making opportunity.

Even though what I’m about share here has been said in some of the recharge and get paid pages I have published in the past.

Today, I want to categorically share with you these top 5 ways to make money from recharge and get paid.

So if after the registration on RAGP you don’t understand how to make money on the platform, then this post will be of great help to you.

Stop asking is recharge and get paid is real or scam.

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So after joining what are the avenues through which you can make money from recharge and get paid?

Stay glued as all of that will be shared here.

Top 5 ways to make money from recharge and get paid (RAGP)

There are basically 5 ways through which you can make money from recharge and get paid.

That is one of the reasons I titled this page “Top 5 ways to make money from recharge and get paid”

Here are the 5 ways to make money from recharge and get paid

  1. Direct referral bonus  ( 20%)
  2. Indirect referral bonus ( 10% — 1%)
  3. Leadership bonus
  4. Award / Incentive
  5. Products purchase bonus

Not to worry, I will explain all of these steps and how they work so you understand.

1. Direct referral bonus — Just as the name implies “direct referral bonus” this bonus is paid directly into your wallet when you refer a friend, family or just anybody to the platform using your unique referral ID.

You are paid 20% of whatever your downline signs up with.

For example, if the person that you are referring to the program decides to sign up with 5k basic member which is the least in the list of packages, 20% of ₦5,000 will be credited to your wallet.

That is ₦1,000.

This cuts across all the registration packages.

Even if he decides to sign up with the ₦100,000 package, the same thing applies.

Feel free to ask questions where you feel you don’t understand. I will be glad to explain further.

2. Indirect referral bonus 10% to 1% —Indirect referral simply means people you referred referring another person.

For example, if John referred Peter and Peter ended up referring Paul, John will earn and indirect referral bonus from Paul which he may not even know.

Here is how the RAGP indirect referral bonus is calculated

  • 2nd level 10%
  • 3rd level 5%
  • 4th level 2.5%
  • 5th level 1.25%
  • 6th level 1%
  • 7th level 1%
  • 8th level 1%
  • 9th level 1%
  • 10th level 1%

3. Leadership bonus — The leadership bonus is awarded through the point value (PV).

You are given a point value PV for every member that joins the platform through your referral ID.

The point value (PV) depends on the package that the person chooses to sign up with.

Point values awarded to each corresponding registration package

Platinum — 200 PV
Diamond — 160 PV
Gold — 120 PV
Silver — 80 PV
Bronze — 40 PV
Basic — 20 PV


How do you make money from the point values (PV)

If in a good month you are able to gather up to 10,000 point values, you will be paid a leadership bonus of ₦100,000

That is yet another interesting way to earn from recharge and get paid.

This leadership bonus of ₦100,000 is a reward for your commendable team building effort.

4. Incentives & Awards — You can also make money from recharge and get paid through incentive and awards.

This is also based on point values.

The main purpose of this is to encourage you to set high goals and achieve them.


How much PV do you need to be qualified for this incentives/award?

1. International trip award — ₦500, 000 — To be qualified for this international trip award, you must have accumulated at least 25,000 point values through your network member.

You can either take the ₦500k or go on a vacation trip to Dubai.

The choice is yours!

Either the tourism trip to Dubai or your receive ₦500,000 cash.

2. Small car incentive/award — ₦2, 000,000 — To be qualified for the small car incentive/ward, you need to gather at least 60,000 PV over time through your network/team.

The award for this 60,000 point value is either you take ₦2,000,000 cash or you are awarded a small car for accumulating 60000 point values over time

3. House fund — ₦3,000,000 — If you accumulate up to 100,000 point values, then you will be qualified for this award.

So to qualify for the RAGP house fund, you will have to dedicated to work and accumulate 100,000 PV

5. Product purchase bonus — You also make money each time anyone in your network purchases a recharge and get paid product.

Irrespective of the product that person is buying, so long as he or she is your network, you also make money as they use the service.

These are the available ways through which you can make money from recharge and get paid.

So go over to today and sign up using newuser as your referral ID to maximize all of this money-making opportunities.

You can also let me know the point you need further explanation.

I will be glad to explain further.

…talk soon

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