Register on recharge and get paid with less than ₦5000

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You may want to register on the recharge and get paid platform but do not have up to the amount for the least registration package.

That is why I’m offering you this opportunity.

Now you don’t have any reason not to join recharge and get paid.

I will soon stop this offer, so make sure you take action immediately after reading this post or stand a chance to lose this rare opportunity.

Once I delete this page, you will only be able to register on recharge and get paid with at least 5k basic registration fee.

We all know that the least RAGP package being the basic package you can join recharge and get paid is ₦5000.

Without having up to ₦5000 on either your card or cash to give to the person that will use his or her Ewallet to activate your account.

Though it depends on the payment option that you have chosen.

If you choose to activate your account using Paystack you must have up to 5k in your account including some fractions for the transaction charges.

But if you choose Ewallet as your payment method, you will need to either transfer the fund to the account of the third party that will use his or her wallet to activate your account.

Before I proceed, here is a point to note.

We are not in any way affiliated with the recharge and get paid.

Join recharge and get paid with less than ₦5000

There are terms you need to accept before we continue with this.

You must have known by now that recharge and get paid pays back 20% of your registration fee to your wallet.

So after signing up with 5k, 20% of 5k which is 1k will be funded back to your wallet.

If you don’t know much about recharge and get paid, read about how it works.

Now you can register on recharge and get paid with ₦4000.

You send me 4k and the details you want to register with RAGP.

I will proceed with the registration and when the 1k is credited to your wallet, I will transfer the fund from your wallet.

This is just to make sure that you don’t miss this golden money-making opportunity.

Once the registration/activation is successful, the login details to your account will be sent to you.

Then you can start using your recharge and get paid wallet and start getting paid as you recharge your phone.

How about that?


Let me hear from you if you are interested.

You can leave a comment or contact me here if in doubt.

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