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Of course, you know a bit about mobile technology and how addictive it is to some user, especially the youths

It is crazy how much people are addicted to their mobile phones.

Do you know how many hours you spend on your phone every day?

The truth is people get so addicted to mobile technology, but don’t make any money off it.

You pay your internet bills, music, TV, transport, and do so many other amazing things with your mobile phone.

Now the question is, as you do these things, do you get paid? Do you make money? But if you were given an opportunity, a platform to make money when you do your normal daily activities on your mobile phone would you take it? would it make sense?

Now I want you to realize that the telecommunications industry is also based on the foundation of addiction statistics have shown that 9 out of 10 people are addicted to their mobile phones because everything we do we do revolves around it.

The telecoms business the business of addiction

Who bet you to top up your phone the last time you did? Who forced you, nobody.

What is the business of addiction?

It is a business where what you have to offer is something people will need even when they are broke, they can’t do without it.

Examples are Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

People are so addicted to these platforms not knowing that they make billions of dollars for them.

These companies constantly improve their display and interface to make it more appealing, attractive, and addictive for consumers.

Now the issue is that all your life you’ve been generating billions of dollars for the telecommunications industry every time the top of your phone, every time you subscribe for data, someone gets paid.

It’s time for you to also make money from the telecoms industry and get paid.

Imagine moving from mobile addiction to mobile income.

Imagine earning passive income while topping up your phone with airtime; amazing, isn’t it?

You can also make a massive daily income while chatting, paying internet bills, satellite TV, groceries, electricity bills, education bills, and so many other things.

If I tell you that this has the potential of paying you as much as $400 – $800 daily, what would you say?

I’m sure you will say, “Show me”

But don’t you ever forget that knowledge is power.

What you’re going to do now is to get back to whoever shared this information as fast as possible so that you can get on board and take advantage of these opportunities.

Time is of the essence. Do not postpone.

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  1. pastor igueri says:

    I have registered but very difficult for me to recharge talk less recharging for the people that want to recharge or register. its frustrating

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