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Today, I want to talk about the recharge and get paid customer care, my review and experience with the customer care team.

As much as you keep doing business on Recharge and get paid, you may always have a reason to reach out to the customer care team.

That why I’m putting up this page to take care of that.

Even though I have written a review about Recharge and get paid, you also agree with me that their customer service is too good.

Maybe because almost everything is automated that is why they feel they should neglect the customer service aspect of the business.

The live wire of any business is the customers that is why they play an important role in the success of any business.

But in the case of the recharge and get paid customer care, it can be very challenging to contact them.

Here in this post, I will also share with you the medium through which you can contact the recharge and get paid customer care team.

One of the things that may prompt you to reach out to the customer care team is account activation or funding your RAGP wallet.

If there is a way you can operate your recharge and get paid account without the customer service team, you can do just that.

If you are joining recharge and get paid newly, you may have issues activating your account if you selected Paystack as your form of payment.

Your payment may be successful buy your account may not be activated immediately.

Most times, you will need to follow up for your account to be fully activated.

This is when the issue of customer care comes in.

Currently, the speed at which the recharge and get paid customer care team responds to queries is pretty slow.

It may take several days to get feedback from them.

This is just in the case of activating your RAGP account.

That is why it is always advisable to choose e-wallet as the payment method to activate your account.

That way, you will have your activated instantly.

So what is the Recharge and get paid customer care channels?

Not as if they don’t have the channels through which you can contact them, it is just that the response rate is slow.

So let me go ahead and share with you the recharge and get pad customer care channels for you to contact if you have the need.

If you visit their official website, you will see the contact channels listed at the header section of the site.

You can contact them via email, Whatsapp, or landline.

Here are the contact channels to reach RAGP customer care

Phone numbers: +234 803 722 1858, +234 8182098378 you can also reach these phone numbers on Whatsapp.

Landline: +234 811 689 8208

Email: [email protected]

Those are the channels for you to contact the recharge and get paid customer care.

If there is any update in the connection channels, I will update the page to keep you updated.

If there are basic things you need to do on recharge and get paid, you can contact me.

Note: I’m not a staff of recharge and get paid, just a mere user.

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  1. Tgirl says:

    Pls am not happy with this All your numbers are not going is not good no one to talk too about anything
    This is not hw they do business

  2. I was unable to do anything since my 15k hang pls help is 24 hours already

    • Editorial Staff says:

      Use any of the contact channels listed here to reach out to the RAGP customer care. I’m sure they will assist you further.

  3. Aladeadenike says:

    I recharge for someone since yesterday, the person have not seen the airtime.

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