Is recharge and get paid real or scam? Read this before you join

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There has been a lot of speculations about recharge and get paid on the internet if it is real or scam.

If I ask you is recharge and get paid real or scam; what would you say?

I know you want to join the recharge and get paid platform before you come out to ask if they are real or scam.

After all, no one wants to fall a victim the scam, if they are.

In this post, I’m going to clarify a lot of issues about the recharge and get paid VTU business.

So is recharge and get paid real or scam?

If you are still asking that, then that is an indication that you missed the honest review about recharge and get paid that I published on this blog a while ago.

I have published a lot of helpful contents on this blog about recharge and get paid.

I even shared the recharge and get paid referral ID here for intending members to signup with.

Since you are still in doubt, that is why I’m putting up yet another RAGP related page just for you to clear your doubt and get on board to start enjoying these amazing benefits that recharge and get paid brings to everybody.

I’ve been on this platform for a couple of months now, and now I’m sharing with you my experiences; how it has been since I joined the platform.

So is recharge and get paid real or scam?

To answer that question directly, recharge and get paid is not a scam.

I don’t know what prompted you to label them as scammers.

Just so you know, this post that you are reading right now is not a sponsored post, so it’s content is not influenced by any individual or body.

Recharge and get paid ltd is a duly registered company in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission.

If you doubt further, you can take a look at their company registration certificate below:

recharge and get paid registration certificate

They’ve stayed for some time now and they will still stay the more.

Do you know why they will still stay relevant in the business?

It is because the product that is offered on the platform – Recharge card, data and TV subscriptions.

These are services you cannot do without, even when you are broke, you still top up your mobile phone or buy data.

I have personally made some bucks from recharge and get paid and also have some withdrawn to my local bank account.

Below are some of my earnings from the recharge and get paid platform:

recharge and get paid earnings

So if you are still asking if recharge and get paid is real, then you should be able to answer the question yourself by now.

Recharge and get paid is real and not scam.

It also promises to stay for a very long time because of the product it is offering.

So if you don’t know how recharge and get paid works, you can read it up and get the referral ID to sign up and get on board and start making money from your mobile phone.

If you have any question, do not fail to hit me up.

You can add me up on Facebook via

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