How to get referrals on recharge and get paid

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One of the major challenges of Recharge and get paid is getting people to sign up under you.

So in this post, I will be sharing with you some of the tips I use to get referrals on recharge and get paid.

Referring people to join recharge and get paid is not a must, it is just part of the business.

You can still do without referrals, but to maximize the potential of earning with recharge and get paid, you might consider the referral part.

How about getting to know how RAGP works?

Building your network is the key to succeeding in this business so you might now ignore it.

That is why I’m sharing with you these tips to help you get more people to sign up using your referral ID.

I share a post a while ago how to get your referral ID so if you don’t know how to get yours, then you can check out that post.

Let me go ahead and share with you some of the ways you can implore to get more referrals in your recharge and get paid network.

How to get people to sign up under you on recharge and get paid

There are several means through which this can be achieved.

But here, I will be sharing the practical ways to get it done.

One of the most used platforms used to promote recharge and get paid is on social media.

If you are on social media, it’s time you maximized the platform.

Social media is not a place only for meeting new people.

You can change your approach towards it.

Personally, I get some of my referrals on social media.

Even though most of my sign-ups are from my blog where I write about recharge and get paid.

Another way to promote recharge and get paid to get people to sign up under you is to host seminars offline.

If you are good at public speaking, you can host seminars offline telling people about recharge and get paid.

Since the product involved is a widely consumed product, you might have a massive turn out.

Even though not everyone will sign up after the seminar, but definitely you will have sign-ups after the seminar.

Though the rate of conversion you will get also depends on the turn out at your seminar.

In a nutshell, there are basically 3 ways mentioned in this post to be considered proven ways to promote recharge and get paid.

Proven ways to get people to register under you on recharge and get paid.

  • Hosting seminars about the business
  • Promoting your referral ID on social media (Maybe paid adverts or free)
  • Promoting it on your blog (if any)

Those are the proven ways for you to promote recharge and get paid to get more referral on recharge and get paid.

You can let me know the challenging part since you joined the program?

I may be of help.

Share any recharge and get paid related question in the comment.


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  1. Henry Akinnawo says:

    The greatest problem is the payment process for registration. ATM doesn’t go through and if you pay cash into the account of the company, you don’t know the next step to get activated. The procedure is not spelt out. The customer service of the company is not helpful.

  2. Have funded my e-wallet account now since yesterday, not yet funded by RAGP company. I don’t know what to do. Have try all the customer care service numbers none is going through at all. This is discouraging.

  3. Aladeadenike says:

    My own challenge is that I load glo card #500 for someone since yesterday. Up till now the person have not seen it.

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