List of phones with best battery life 2019

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Which smartphone has the best battery life?

It is the earnest prayer of a smartphone user to get a phone with the best battery life (long lasting battery).

So if you are residing in a locality where there is no frequent electric power supply, or you just don’t want to charge your phone often, here is the page for you.

Here, I will make a list of phones with the best battery life that you can buy this year.

If you are making plans to change your current phone, or you want to get a phone with long lasting battery life for someone as a gift, you will also get that here.

I listed phones with led notification light lately, here is another compilation for you.

I will list here the phones with the best battery life 2018 that you can buy and recommend where to buy it for you.

As you would agree with me, it is not possible to be moving around with our phone charger with intentions of plugging in the phone in any available power outlet.

A phone basically not for receiving and sending calls, it’s for fun too.

How about watching some comic videos online and your phone suddenly runs out of power?

Gosh! What the hell is this?

So save yourself this mess by getting a phone with the best battery life, forget about the design.

Of course, you will always want to stay in power, that will not happen if you don’t take a look at this list of phones with best battery life and make a buying choice NOW!

This list is not static, it will be updated once more phones with good battery life are discovered/released from the manufacturers.

So you might always want to check this page for an updated list.

List of phones with best battery life 2018

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – From the reviews sent in from Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge users, it has confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is among the phones with best battery life
  • Gionee M series – I’m not sure about other series of smartphones by Gionee, but if you really need a phone with good battery life, you might want to go for Gionee phones in M series. The first phone this manufacturing brand released to the market was Gionee M5 which according to them was reliable; even in the desert – Just charge the phone once and you are good to go.
  • TECNO Phantom 6 Plus – Among all the phones manufactured by Tecno, TECNO Phantom 6 Plus which is one of the phones is listed with fingerprint scanner is one of their phones with a good battery too
  • Huawei Ascend Mate 700
  • Infinix Note 3
  • Lenovo A5000
  • TECNO Boom J8
  • Tecno L5
  • Tecno L6
  • Tecno L8
  • Tecno L8 plus
  • iTel it1556
  • Oukitel K10000

Apart from Oukitel K10000, Oukitel phones are known to have long-lasting battery life, so make a choice of any Oukitel phone and buy.

The list of phones I just shared above is based on user experience, the manufacturer may tell you that the battery life is 4000 mAh while it is above or less than that.

The best way to know this is to put the battery life of these phones to test.

Which other phone do you know with the best battery life that you think should have made the list?

Could you be kind enough to share it with others?

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