Open Facebook groups to post your business

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Irrespective of the type of business that you are doing, here I will share with you a list of open Facebook groups to post your business.

I mean, your post to these groups will not need to be approved by the group admins before it shows on the newsfeed of its members.

If you don’t really get it when I say “Open Facebook groups” I mean Facebook groups that do not restrict its members from posting and do not require admins approval for any post made by the group member.

So any post you make to any of these groups will go live immediately it is posted and it will start showing on the news feed of its members.

That these groups are open does not mean that you should go about spamming the groups with irrelevant posts.

The admins of the groups may block you out of the group, I bet you don’t want that to happen.

So you must post responsibly to the groups while you enjoy your share of Facebook group traffic.

You can also post your blog/website to these groups to get free traffic back to your blog/website.

Though if you do that too fast, the Facebook team may have your posts deleted automatically.

The point I’m trying to make is that you must make sure you make your posts responsibly.

Open Facebook groups to post your business

To discover a Facebook group is quick, easy and FREE, but to discover an open Facebook group can take you a whole day.

Majority of Facebook groups available in the community does not allow members to also post to the groups even if they do, your post(s) will need a manual approval before it is shown to the group members.

But the Facebook groups I have discovered are devoid of all those things.

Simply join the group, wait for an admin to approve your membership request and then start posting to the groups.

The open FB groups I have here are located in different countries, so you will be having people from different locations checking out your business.

If you are posting your website links on these groups, it means that you will have people from different locations visiting your website.

I sale these Facebook open groups for some bucks, at least for the time and data I used in discovering the groups.

If you are interested contact me here and tell me how many open Facebook groups you want.

I will make them available to you in no time.

…talk soon

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