Online shopping sites you can pay with bank account number

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One of the greatest challenges of shopping online is payment for the products you intend to buy.

Some online shopping sites have payment options that are not just convenient for customers.

Great shopping websites that know what it takes to stay in business are quick to address this to allow stress-free shopping.

Here is a list of online shopping sites that will allow you to pay with your bank account

First, I will like you to know that it is possible to use your bank account number to pay for your goods online depending on the bank you use and the payment gateway used by the online shopping website.

Some payment gateway will take you to an interface where you will be asked to select an option for payment.

It usually carries options that include pay with card, pay with USSD, pay with bank account, or transfer.

If you choose the bank account option, it will show you available banks.

That’s why I mentioned earlier that it depends on your bank.

Even with this, you can still make payments using the USSD option.

If you ask me, that’s still with your bank now.

At least you don’t need to enter card details to make payment and you don’t need to wait for OTP (one-time-password).

Once you select the pay with the USSD option, it will give you a list of banks.

Simply select your bank and a unique USSD will be generated for that particular transaction.

Once you dial it on the registered mobile number with the account, you only need to confirm with your bank pin and it is done.

It may be difficult to give you a list of online shopping websites that will allow you to pay with a bank account since it is dependent on your bank and the payment gateway used by the online shopping sites going by our discussion above.

But one bank that works well if the payment gateway allows is Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB).

Other possible banks are Zenith Bank and United Bank for African (UBA).

This doesn’t mean other banks will not allow you but at the time of this writing, those are the banks that work well with pay with the bank account numbers.

For the USSD payment option, popular online shopping sites like Jumia and Konga allow this payment option.

But then the payment has to be done immediately after you checkout on the website or the mobile app.

This is not applicable to pay on delivery option.

So as soon as you click on check out, it will take you to where you will make payment, don’t select pay on delivery.

Pay on delivery will require you to pay in cash or transfer to the agent that delivers your goods.

If you are intending to use an international online shopping site, you will need to use a card for the payment.

This card must have been activated for the online transactions.

Please take note of that otherwise you won’t be able to use it to make payment.

A good number of them will even require you to attach a card to your account for easy billing and transaction.

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