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These online phone numbers for receiving texts will help you with any online account you want to create.

I was on a UK based online forum and wanted to sign up.

The first step to getting started with the registration was a UK phone number.

I was not in the UK as at when I tried signing up and I had no friend in the UK.

So how then did I complete the sign up since I was not in that location?

I had to search for some disposable phone numbers that I can use to get my application code.

In this post, I will take you through some of the ways you can get an online phone number for receiving texts.

Your current location is not a barrier.

These phone numbers are basically used for receiving text messages.

Anything, on the contrary, may not work.

These phone numbers are also used basically for online account creation and verifications.

So the next time you want to sign up for a  service that will require you receive an activation code on your mobile number, you need to worry about having a friend or relative in that location.

There are many websites online offering the service of disposable phone numbers that you can use for your verification.

I will share some of them that I have used here so you can also try.

Some of them require you to sign up before you can use their services while some don’t.

All of them will be shared here.

Though some people searching for temporary numbers mostly want the ones they can receive sms online free no registration.

Online phone number for receiving texts without registration

Here are some of the temporary phone number providers.

They are actually many, but the ones I have listed here are the ones I have tried their services. offers free temporary phone numbers from the United Kingdom, France, Ukraine, Germany, Croatia, Mexico, USA, Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Portugal, and Spain.

Simply visit their website and click any of the countries that you want to use the temporary phone number.

The inbox for the selected temporary phone number will be opened so you see every incoming message.

Just copy the phone number to where ever you wanted to use it and come back to the inbox to get the verification code or activation code as the case may be.

You must also note that these phone numbers are open to other users so you must take note of your message sender so you don’t get it twisted. this one receives free SMS from only Canada and the United States.

So if what you are doing online requires a Canadian or US-dominated phone number, then this one may be a better option for you.

This online phone number provider requires you to register before you can use their free phone number.

There are other online phone number providers offering this service, but I have tested and trusted these 2.

If you know any other temporary phone number provider that you probably must have tested, let me know in the comment so I can add it to this list.

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