10 most sophisticated televisions to get for your apartment

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Moving to a new apartment?

You might want to check out these 10 most sophisticated televisions to get for your new apartment.

The TVs in our homes says a lot about our personalities and more.

Many have been in the quest of searching for quality TVs sets to get for their apartments or simply just seeking other people’s opinion or what they think its best.

If you fall under any of the aforementioned categories, this post is for you. below are 10 most sophisticated televisions you can get for your apartment.

Most of the television brands that will be mentioned in this post are world brands, so irrespective of your location, you can still get them, maybe from an online store or from a local store in your locality.

Note: this list is not ordered in no particular order of preference

1. HISENSE M5600

Hisense is a Chinese multinational electronics manufacturing company and if there is anything they are known for; it is the sleekness their products brings into the table.

The Hisense M5600 is an ultra HD 4k 49-inch television which possesses a curved screen and will give you quality 4k viewing experience.

Here are some of the key features of Hisense M5600.

  • 3 USB ports
  • HDMI 4
  • Curved

The age of using decoder cable is gradually coming to an end.

The Hisense M5600 also possesses satellite technology which will allow all users to watch Netflix and other channels without needing a cable connection.

That’s amazing, right?

2. Samsung UE65KS9000

Some of the intending users of this Samsung UE65KS9000 might be in a great shock getting to find out the price of this television.

However, you have to pay good money for good product as that has been the order of things since time immemorial.

These are some of the key features of the Samsung UE65KS9000 television:

  • 65.0 inch
  • Ultra High Definition display with 4k view
  • Slightly curved
  • 2 USB ports
  • Wifi and more

This TV is the beast, and although only slightly better than that of the aforementioned, Samsung is a household name and thus their products are way more expensive than most out there.

However, if this TV isn’t on your budget but still you desire the capabilities it possesses, then you should consider that of number one or browse through the remaining list.

3. LG 43LJ500

LG is one of my personal favorite electronics manufactures.

Majority of the number of electronic I have used and still use are LG products and I can vouch for their unique/sleek designs as well as their efficiency.

The LG43LJ500 may not be the most sophisticated on the list, but it is also is a sophisticated product in its own, right?

Below are what to expect from the LG 43LJ500 TV:

  • 43inch with full HD resolution
  • 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB
  • 2 times the resolution of standard HD with lifelike images.
  • Virtual surround sound with 2 channel built-in speakers.
  • The LG43LJ500 isn’t smart nor does it possess 4k display, still this a good television to acquire on a low budget.

4. SAMSUNG MU7350 (400,000)

This product is a great one, also great for family and for respective individuals.

Below are some of its specs.

  • 55.0 inch with ultra-high definition display to match.
  • Smart tv with wifi, Bluetooth, google tv, Netflix and more.
  • Curved view
  • High dynamic range picture.
  • Smart remote controller with voice navigation capabilities

Am in love with this electronic already. This is pure Samsung cutting edge technology. With such wonderful specs for such a price, this should be a perfect choice for any home/apartment.


If I was to pick between this product and that on number 4, I am not sure I would know what to pick.

I guess the higher price does count in this case.

The Samsung QLED television is said to be one of the most sophisticated Samsung electronics out there and it possesses the following features.

— A brilliant picture quality brought to life through the combination over a billion colors
— Smart tv coupled with a smart remote
— 55inch with ultra-high definition display
— Bluetooth, wifi, a dual-core HDMI, google tv, Netflix and many more all made available with the Samsung QLED TV.

6. LG UK6100

LG for those who do not know is an amazing company, and as I stated earlier on, they are my most favorite brands when it comes to electronics.

The LG UK6100 comes with the following features.

  • 55 inch with ultra-high definition
  • High definition range picture quality
  • Smart remote
  • Satellite receiver
  • 4k tv
  • Wifi, 2 USB DIVX with 3 HDMI
  • Digital Tv
  • An ultra-stadium surround sound system

For this price, I would recommend this product for all buyers as I am quite fond of the brand which is responsible for the production of this particular television which has made it to this list of the 10 most sophisticated televisions to get for your apartment

7. JVC LT-55N775

I guess the list wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include some of the newest and most sophisticated products out there into this list.

JVC or the japan victor company is an international Japanese electronics cooperation which was founded 91 years ago in the year 1927.

I guess the fact that they have been around for a while gives them some credibility, they just have not gained worldwide mainstream adoption.

The JVC LT55N775 comes with the following features:

  • 55-inch ultra-high definition display
  • 3 HDMI with 2 USB
  • Face recognition
  • Wifi
  • motion sensing games
  • smart multi-screen interaction
  • 2d acoustic surround sound and many more quality features.

Some people are sometimes scared of trying out new electronics especially one that we aren’t accustomed to.

However, I believe the majority of these electronics comes with a minimum 6 months’ warranty if you buying from a legitimate dealer of course.

So I would encourage you to try this product out, as it provides great and sophisticated features you would want in a television.


BRUHM is another foreign product which is based in china.

This BRUHM product does not provide an ultra-high definition display but still provides other sophisticated features such as:

  • 49.0 inch with full high definition display
  • Ultra slim panel which makes it possess an incredibly sleek design
  • USB and HDMI available
  • Not smart but comes with various inbuilt channels
  • Good audio quality with Dolby digital
  • This isn’t the best of the best, but it provides sophistication and affordability.


KONKA is also a Chinese cooperation which has been around for quite a while. This product provides affordability and many better qualities coupled with up to 2 years’ warranty depending on the store you purchase from.

This product possesses the following features.

  • 43 inch digital LED TV with
  • Enriched visual enjoyment
  • Quality sound system
  • LG panel
  • USB with HDMI

If you seek a low budget with quality, this product is for you.

10. SONY KD-79X9000B

The price is probably mouthwatering, but quality sure comes at a great price.

Sony is a well-known company which has been responsible for some of the best video and picture quality the world has ever seen.

So if you are in need of great picture quality, this product is for you.

The SONY KD-79X9000B possesses the following key features.

  • 79 inch with ultra-high definition display
  • Bluetooth, 3d, and Blu-ray dvd
  • Wi-Fi
  • 4k display
  • 3d glasses
  • One flick remote
  • Crispy clear sound on both edges of the tv.
  • Local dimming with X-tended dynamic range and much more.

The product is beyond sophisticated, and I bet its worth its price.

Final thoughts

4k is quite a waste in this part of the world, why you may ask. Well the thing is, streaming an actual 4k video online will consume a vast amount of data, say 1gb data for a 4min video stream and also there are currently very few channels which currently shows videos in 4k quality.

I hope you enjoyed the article?

If these set of TVs aren’t what you seek, then I will like you to look out for my next post “most affordable flat screen TVs in Nigeria”.

If you walk into any electronic store and you feel you want to be cheated, you can easily visit any local or foreign e-commerce platform for the best deals & pricing idea.

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