How I minimize data usage on my android device (gionee m5 plus) 

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How I minimize data usage on my android device (gionee m5 plus) 

Sometimes, it can be very frustrating how some android devices consume data.

What if it makes you stretch out of your monthly budget?

You might have budgeted some bucks for your monthly expense and allocated that of your device data respectively, but gets exhausted even before the month runs out.

I can imagine you would feel, especially when you do not enough fund to get an additional data package to complete it for the month.

I experienced same, so you are not alone.

Here, I will share with you exactly what I did to stop my android device from consuming my data excessively.

My data got exhausted before its expiration date when I could vividly recall that I download nothing; considering the volume of data allocated to me for the month.

Since I really needed the internet, I was left with no option but to get myself another data package.

My android device runs on Android version 5.1.

The steps I’m about sharing works on almost the android devices available in the market.

First of all, let’s address the issues behind why your Android device consumes data.

When your device is powered on, there some applications running in the background that uses your device data.

The funniest part of the story is that you may not be aware that these applications suck like a vampire.

So to make sure you save some data, you will need to restrict these applications from running when you are not aware.

How to restrict data usage on android

In my device, I navigate to settings > more > data usage from the list of options choose “Restrict background data”

With that, no application will use your mobile data unless you open the app.

Hope this brief tip helps you minimize data usage on your Android device?

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