List of phones with front camera flash light to buy in 2019

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phones with front camera flash light

Want to know some good android phones with front camera flashlight?

Here is a list of phones with front camera/selfie flashlight to buy in 2018.

I made a list of phones with led notification light some time ago, here is another compilation for you which is quite different from that one that I shared previously.

So don’t get it twisted!

You must be a selfie lover to have landed on this page, in other words, I may say you wanted to know some good phones for selfie lovers, that’s why are here.

But wait o…

Before I share this list of phones with front camera flashlight, why are your events always in the nights that you will always need a flashlight to take a shot?

Pardon me, please; I just want to know though, out of curiosity.

I don’t care why you want to know some phones with front camera flashlight, whether you want to take it to a nightclub to take some shots, it’s none of my business 😆

Let me stop here and share with you what actually brought you here.

A phone with a selfie camera flashlight gives you a nice self-shot, even in the darkest room.

Since taking a selfie is the current trend among smartphones users, you might want to check this list to get the best phones with front facing camera flashlight.

No matter how dark the place that you are is, you can come out victorious among of other selfie camera competitors.

The selfie camera does not only magnify the self-taken photo with a clearer shot, but it also makes it possible to capture a quality selfie in the dark.

Before you step into the market to buy an android phone with a front camera flashlight, you might want to get into this page to check the list of phones with that feature.

You don’t want to get into any online or offline shop and be wandering in search of a phone with front camera flashlight.

You’ve got multiple choices of phones with this feature to choose from here.

Grab the model of any of these phones that you like with this feature, step into the market, ask for it and buy it, if available without any waste of time.

If you go to an offline shop for example to buy a phone that has a front facing camera flashlight, you may be convinced to take a phone you may end up not satisfied with.

Who doesn’t want to sell off his products?

Before you go;

Here is a list of phones with front camera flashlight that you can buy

This list will be categorized by phone manufacturing brands, in case you have a special preference for a particular phone manufacturing brand, you can easily check their phones that has a front camera led flashlight.

Samsung phones with front camera flashlight

  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Max
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro
  • Samsung Z4
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

Gionee phones with front camera flashlight

  • Gionee A1 Lite
  • Gionee A1

Do you know of any phone with a front camera flashlight that has not made it to this list?

We’ll be glad if you can contribute to this list.

As new / latest phones with front camera flashlight are released from these phone manufacturing brands, they will be updated on this page.

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