Infinit file sharing lets you share unlimited large files FREE

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To be sincere, it’s not too long I knew about infinit file sharing.

I’ve been using other file sharing app all these while, but since I discovered this infinit file sharing, the experience has not been a bad one.

With infinit file share, there is no limit to how much files you can share.

The awesome thing about it is that it is absolutely free.

I have been sharing some file sharing tutorials on this blog which sending files to and from PC is one of them.

And today I want to share with you another file sharing tip using infinit file sharing I hope you will like it.

File sharing using infinit file sharing is done through the official website of infinit file sharing, compared to other file sharing app which uses their app to execute the file sharing.

As at the time of updating this page, there was no app released by “infinit file sharing” to execute file sharing tasks and their website was not accessible.

Once the website is accessible, I will share with you some screenshots to of how to use this platform to share files.

But don’s forget to leave your comment below should in case I forget to update this post.

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