HP deskjet 1050 scanner software

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HP Deskjet 1050 scanner software come with the hp Deskjet 1050 driver which I shared the driver download link some time ago.

Now specifically is the scanner software.

As we all know, HP Deskjet 1050 printer is among the 3 in 1 hp printers I listed before now.

I mean with this printer, you can execute multiple tasks – You can print, scan and copy with this printer.

Here, I will take you around the different graphical interface of Hp Deskjet 1050 scanner software, how you can use and how to get it downloaded into your PC or Mac.

When I first got my 1050 hp Deskjet printer, I thought the scanning button was in the body of the printer, not knowing that there is a software that controls the scanning functionality of the printer.

HP Deskjet 1050 scanner software

In hp Deskjet 1050, the scanner software is built into the software that controls the print functionality of the printer.

Here is how to get to the scanner software.

If you are using a computer running on windows OS, navigate to your desktop screen to locate the printer driver software shortcut and click on it.

Now you should see a screen similar to the one below:

HP deskjet 1050 scanner software

On the default screen that just opened is the “print and scan” tab where you can see what your printer is printing as well as pause printing or even abort the printing if you don’t want it to be completed

In this tab, there is an option too to maintain your printer by aligning the ink cartridges and print a diagnostic page.

The default paper size and print quality is also set in this tab under “Set preferences”

Under “Customize your printer” you can set a custom name for your printer and the security settings.

Then underneath the above-mentioned options in the “Scan a document or photo” which opens the scan dialog box.

Aside from these options, there are other options in other tabs such as ePrintcenters, shop, help, utilities and estimated ink levels.

We are not going into those tabs today since we are focusing on the 1050 scanner software.

So let’s explore a bit of hp Deskjet 1050 scanner software

Since all you want to do is to scan a document, click on the “Scan a Document or Photo” as seen in this image.

Now the dialog box opens, there are still some settings you may need to modify here too, just to make sure you have a good quality of the scanned document.

HP deskjet 1050 scanner software

Here is where you can also set the file format for the output of your scanned document.

From the list of the available file formats for output, you can choose from JPEG, PDF, and TIFF; whichever one that suits your preference.

Another important thing you need to take into consideration in this sections is the image dpi if you are scanning to a photo file instead of other formats.

That will help you have a clearer soft picture of the hard copy document you fed the printer/scanner with.

By default, your dpi will be set to 200 dpi, that may give you a blurred output depending on the file size; you are at liberty to set this to a higher dpi for a clearer output.

Once you are done with setting the scanner options to your preference, you can then start scanning the document.

Before you proceed with the scanning, you must have placed the document in the printer, else, a blank screen will be scanned.

You might want to check the full tutorial on how to scan with hp Deskjet 1050 in all windows versions.

Meanwhile, you can also change the location where the output file is stored in your computer by clicking the advanced settings in the scan dialog box.

Now you can change the output directory, see image below:

HP deskjet 1050 scanner software

All of the epistles I just finished requires you download hp 1015 Deskjet driver for everything to work effectively.

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