How to unblock website link on Facebook

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It’s quite shocking the Facebook handle links these days.

Even the new domain you just bought can get a message that it has been blocked when you want to share it to the community.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps on how to unblock a website link on Facebook.

I can still remember Facebook blocked my website link, even when I have never shared the link to Facebook before.

Maybe I got a domain that was already used that Facebook flagged for going against their community standard.

Well, I got the domain back and the error message “This webpage contains a blocked URL” was totally gone and my link successfully shared to the community.

If your major source of traffic is Facebook and your website link is blocked, you might want to find a way to unblock it.

That is why I’m sharing this page with you.

In this part of the world, a lot of bloggers are having this issue of a blocked link on Facebook.

And I have been helping them get their domain/website links back on Facebook.

I can also get your domain/website link that was blocked by Facebook back for you.

Unblocking of Facebook links is one of the services offered by this blog.

Regardless of the offense that was committed by the domain, we can help you get it back on Facebook.

Remember I shared with you how I got my domain back on Facebook?

This same method will be used to get your own domain back on Facebook.

So the big question is,

How do I get my blocked domain back on Facebook?

This process is very time consuming, but after the whole process; you will be able to share your link on Facebook again.

That is why we are offering to take this stress off your shoulders.

So the first step to getting this done is that the domain that was blocked by Facebook that you wish to get back must be live.

I mean the domain must be accessible.

So if you redirected the domain to another domain because of this blocking issue, you might want to separate the two sites so the blocked link is accessible.

An expired domain cannot work, so if the domain expired and you really want it back, you will first of all check the pool to get the domain back in your possession.

Once all of these are set, you will submit the domain to us and we will work on it.

This service costs a token of $20 and payment is done via PayPal.

If you’ve got any blocked URL you would like to restore, you can talk to us.

We are friendly so feel free to contact us below:

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