How to unblock URLs on Facebook – Post blocked links on Facebook

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Blocking of URLs on Facebook is very common among Indians and Nigerian.

I’m not sure if other countries are suffering this same torment from Facebook, should in case you are in this, too; a solution will be professed here to help you fix your blocked URL on Facebook.

Whether or not you have done anything wrong, you may still have your domain blacklisted from Facebook (can’t share its content to Facebook).

I can still remember when I bought the domain that you are reading now (

When I fixed a share button, I noticed that there was no content of this blog that could be shared to Facebook.

That was because the domain was blocked from being posted to Facebook.

What did I do to unblock my blog URL on Facebook?

That is exactly what I am going to share here with you now.

Until you read through this page, you will not know how to unblock URLs on Facebook.

So from the experience I had, I had a way out and I can’t keep it to myself alone. I’m not that selfish. You know how generous I’ve always been na 😆

I have to share it here so you can also get your domain unblocked on Facebook.

Totally breakout of the Facebook blacklist.

Now the big questions is “How do I unblock my URL on Facebook”

Fasten your seatbelt now let’s get it going.

How to unblock URLs on Facebook

Note: Once a domain is blocked on Facebook, irrespective of the post link you try sharing from the blocked domain to Facebook, it will never be successfully shared to Facebook.

The first step to getting this done is to have a network of Facebook friends with like minds (preferably clique of bloggers).

Why I’m saying so is that it takes only bloggers to understand what we are talking about here.

Well, I’m not disputing the fact that there are other Tech niggas that can still understand.

These are the people they will help you recover your domain back to Facebook – That is the category of people that will understand what we are doing here and can help you get back your domain form Facebook blacklist.

Now, request that they help you report the blocked URL(s) to Facebook informing them that the domain is not a spam domain that it must have been a mistake.

I was shocked to my bone when a reputable domain like was blocked from Facebook.

How could that have happened?

I reported the URL myself and also implored a friend to help me do same.

Within some days, the domain was already off the Facebook blacklist.

That was exactly what worked for me and helped me get my domain back.

Of course, that can work for you, too.

Try sharing the blocked link/URL to Facebook, maybe through the share button on the blog/website.

When you have the pop-up message, then you can submit a report from there, telling them that it’s a mistake blocking such a domain.

Need some samples/templates for the write up to use?

Let me hear from you in the comment.

Or do you have some other proven methods of how to unblock URLs on Facebook?

Please be kind enough to share it in the comment.

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