How to stop GTBank SMS alert without going to the bank

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Did you know you can stop GTBank SMS alert even without going to the bank?

Did you also know that each transaction SMS alert you receive from the bank that you incur N10?

If your account is always involved in some petty transactions, you may want to stop getting SMS alert as this may fill up your phone memory.

Not even the phone memory that will be consumed, it was absolutely free, maybe you would have continued.

In this post, I will show you how to stop receiving GTBank SMS alert without going to the banking hall.

Considering the charges you incur monthly for SMS charge, you may want to stop receiving SMS alerts.

Even while receiving SMS alert is very important to keep track of all the transactions taking place in your account, this medium may be expensive while there are other FREE mediums such as email notification to get notified of any transaction occurring in your account.

I once went to my GTBank branch to fill a form to update my alert preference. I clearly stated that I only want to get notified via email if any transactions take place on my account.

After the update, I did not receive any SMS alert, but email alerts. Off course, that was my preference.

But some months down the line, I started receiving SMS alerts again.

When I went to the bank to complain, I was then told that it’s a mandate from the CBN that all customers’ accounts must be profiled to receive SMS alerts.

I was also told that if I really want to stop getting SMS alerts that I will need to fill the indemnity form.

But stopping GTBank SMS alert just got better as you can now stop it online without going to the bank.

What are the steps to follow to stop GTBank SMS alert? That is exactly what I’m about sharing with you in this post.

I titled this post “How to stop GTBank SMS alert without going to the bank” yes! via internet banking, you can update your preference and stop getting SMS alerts.

There are basically 2 ways which you can stop receiving SMS alerts on your GTBank accounts.

You either walk into any of the bank branches in your locality or you follow the instructions that will be shared on this page.

But in the course of this article, I will be sharing with you how to stop GTBank SMS alert via the internet banking platform.

To be able to save the preference successfully, you will need to know your security question and its answer.

Your hardware token will also be required to authorize this update.

Those are the basic requirements for stopping GTBank SMS alerts via the internet banking platform.

Now that you know and have them handy, let’s get started.

How to stop GTBank SMS alert without going to the bank

  • Login to your GTBank internet banking platform online
  • Supply your log in details as required
  • On the left menu, click on self service then click on “Transaction Alert Activation”
  • If you have more than one account, select the account you wish to stop the SMS alert for or check “Profile all my accounts” if you want the change to be effected across all accounts
  • Now select an alert type and you will be taken to a page where you can answer your security question, type in your token code and agree to the indemnity and continue.
    stop GTBank SMS alert

It’s that simple, you should have your preferred alert type profiled in your GTBank account(s)

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