How to stop background data usage in Windows 8

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How to stop background data usage in windows 8

Even with the high-cost data, your Windows 8 will still be consuming it in the background?

Not to worry, here is how to stop background data usage in Windows 8. I will also share with you other things that are likely to consume your Windows 8 powered computer.

These 8 things are responsible for background data usage in Windows 8 and here you will learn how to stop them.

Don’t tell me you did not know how to stop background data usage in Windows 8, of course, you have control over which of the background running programs consumes your data.

Here is exactly how to stop background data usage in Windows 8.

There are several things that contribute to your Windows 8 powered computer consuming your data, even when you are not browsing with the system.

Some updates may be running in the background such that even if you are just powering on the computer and connecting it to the internet, your data will start draining very fast.

You may not really notice this if you are using a modem to connect your computer to the internet.

Unless you open the modem connection interface (software) to monitor the network browsing speed per second.

It’s easier to monitor if your window 8 is using your mobile data in the background if you are using your phone to connect your computer to the internet via Hotspot.

With that, you can use the “Display network speed monitor” to monitor if your mobile network is used in the background.

You will notice the network speed monitor counting at 1MB/S sometimes up to 5MB/S even when the phone and computer are both idle.

The phone you are using to connect both devices must support “Internet network speed monitor”.

So what are the possible causes of background data usage in Windows 8

  1. Automatic Windows updates
  2. Application/software updates
  3. Live Tiles

After taking care of applying all the things that I will share here today, your Windows 8 will start consuming your data with the fear of God 😆

How to stop background data usage in Windows 8

—1 The little-known thing that consumes data in Windows 8 computers is the live tile, these applications start functioning immediately after they detect an internet connection in the computer.

In case you are not conversant with “Live Tiles” in Windows 8, those applications that display when you strike your Windows button such as news, travel and the rest of them are live tiles.

The live tile listed on each Windows 8 powered computer may vary, depending on the system set up.

Since this is one of the things that contribute to your Windows 8 using data in the background, you might want to turn them off to save your data.

That’s just one of them, don’t quite the page yet, there are other things consuming your data in the background that you may not be aware of.

—2 Another point worthy of note regarding Windows 8 consuming data in the background is the Windows update setting.

If you leave your Windows update settings to be updated automatically, it will result in your computer consuming your data in the background.

Now what you need to do is to change the update settings not be updated automatically, you may choose any other update settings but it must not be automatic. windows 8 automatic updates consuming data in the background

If you leave it to be automatically updated, the Windows will download the necessary programs and install them; since there is no special driver controlling this feature.

3 Another way to stop background data usage in Windows 8 is to disable “Background intelligent transfer service” this service controls the background process on your computer and it consumes like fire.

It is advisable that you disable this feature so that no software in your computer will be updated without your notice.

Any software you need to update, you may want to do that manually.

You may not be able to visit all the software installed on your computer to be turning off the automatic updates.

To disable “Background intelligent transfer service” press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to get to your computer task manager.

stop background data usage in windows 8

As you can see from the screenshot above, my own “Background intelligent transfer service” in not running.

I stopped mine, so to save my data.

Apart from automatic Windows update and disabling background intelligent transfer service, there are other things that may still be consuming your data.

We are not done yet! I just want to be sure you don’t lose a bit of your data without your knowledge.

4 A virus can be causing your Windows to be licking up your data in the background, so you may want to remove the virus from your computer. Installing a good antivirus software will prevent your pc from contracting other viruses even after removing the one that has been sucking your data.

Enabling firewall will also prevent your system from contracting virus while you browse the internet.

5 Adobe flash player update, almost all Windows-powered computers has this software installed in them. By default, this application has automatic updates, you know what that means, right?

You will need to disable Adobe flash player automatic update to save your data.

To disable Adobe flash player automatic update, go to your system control panel View by Large icons Flash Player Advanced Change Update Settings Then select Never Check for Updates

I shared a complete tutorial with images how to disable Adobe flash player automatic updates which you might want to check it out.

6 Abobe reader is another Windows software from Adobe that consumes data in window 8 because of its updater. The updater in Adobe reader makes sure that the software installs updates regularly.

Since your data is measured, this may not be a perfect feature for you, so here is how to turn it off.

Open Adobe Reader Edit Preferences Updater Select Do not download or install updates Automatically

7 Google Chrome browser automatic update consumes data in the background too so you may have to disable it.

Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc More detail Services Disable the Google Update Services Restart the Computer

8 Mozilla Firefox web browser has automatic updates too. Disable it to prevent your Windows 8 from consuming data in the background.

Open Mozilla Firefox Options Advanced Update Select Never Check for Updates OK

Now your Windows 8 computer should stop using data in the background.

Which other thing do you think could be responsible for background data usage in Windows 8?

Could you be kind enough to share it?

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