How to send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook

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Have you ever had the need to send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook to a friend?

Here you will learn to do that at no extra cost.

Facebook is undoubtedly becoming one of the most used social media for the sharing of information, and short messages.

But there are times we need to convey our information in form of files.

Before now I’ve searched the internet to check if I get solutions to this problem so I can get over it and send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook.

The 25mb is the file upload limit set by Facebook so you can’t exceed it.

So even if the file you wish to send is 25.1mb, you may not be able to upload it; talk more of sending it over.

Apart from uploading files bigger than 25mb, Facebook does not permit uploading of some certain file extensions.

Well, that is not the topic for today, so that I don’t deviate from the topic of the day, let’s leave it there.

Maybe in the future, I will share with you how you can upload and send files with an unsupported extension on Facebook.

There are several ways to send files that are large than 25mb on Facebook. One of the ways is to compress the file.

Compressing the file may reduce the file size so you can upload.

Though compressing files may reduce just a small portion of the original file size. So this may really work if the file you wish to send is just a little bigger than 25mb.

How to send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook

Here is a working tip to help you send files bigger than the 25mb limit set by Facebook to a friend.

I guess the file was intended to be downloaded and used for whichever purpose which it was sent when it gets across to a friend on the other side of Facebook.

As at the time of updating this post, there was no way you can send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook, but here is what do when I have files to send that is more than 25mb to a friend.

I upload the files to my Google drive account and get a shareable link to share with my friend on Facebook so he can download the file.

In Google Drive, there is no limit to how much file size you can upload into the 15GB allocated space.

Even if you want to upload a file of 1GB there, you can do it so long as you have the internet connection to upload a 1GB or bigger file.

Once the upload is complete, just get the shareable link and head over to Facebook to send the link to the friend you want the file to get to.

You can also upload the file to Dropbox and share the link after the upload is completed.

That is exactly how I send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook to my Friends.

If you have other working strategies to send files bigger than 25mb on Facebook, could you be kind enough to share it in the comment?

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