How to reset DSTV after payment in Nigeria – Step-by-step guide

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You do not need to take your DSTV decoder to the office after payment to get it active on your TV screen.

Following this easy to understand step by step guide, you will be able to reset DSTV after payment in Nigeria.

Irrespective who owns the DSTV decoder, this tips will work just fine for you. Whether its neighbors own or a friend. Follow this steps and learn how to reset DSTV after payment in Nigeria.

It may also interest you to know that these guys at the DSTV office that you may be taking your decoder to will still be following the steps I’m about sharing with you here to reset your decoder for you and they will still charge you for the service.

So why go and get charged for a service you can do yourself right from the comfort of your home or office?

One of the things that may prompt you to think of resetting your DSTV decoder after payment is the missing of some of your favorite channels.

That’s a very common problem among DSTV users in Nigeria. If you allow your subscription to expire completely before you pay it up, you are likely to have this error.

Not to worry, if there is any missing channel in the package you paid for in your DSTV, a simple reset command will restore it within minutes.

In the course of this post, I will be sharing with you just 2 ways through which you can reset your DSTV decoder and have all your missing channels restored.

You can reset your DSTV decoder using either of these methods:

  • Through DSTV easy self service
  • Through SMS

Either of these methods will work fine for you.

It’s just for you to use the one that is available at your disposal to effect the reset command on your DSTV decoder.

Here is how to reset DSTV after payment in Nigeria

Before you get started with this process, you must make sure that your DSTV decoder is in power to receive any command that will be sent to it immediately.

Also, make sure your smart card is plugged into the device before you try to send this command to your decoder.

The first step I will share with you is how you can reset your DSTV decoder using the first option – Through DSTV easy self service.

You must have a computer that is connected to the internet to be able to reset your DSTV using this method.

  • The first step using this method is to log on to the DSTV easy self-service website on and hit on the “Fix error” buttonHow to reset DSTV after payment in Nigeria
  • Now you will be prompted to enter the SmartCard number and select the type of error that you want to fix. Please note that you will be also prompted to enter a captcha text to confirm that you are human. Please complete the fields as required and then hit on the “Fix error” button.

That way, all the channels that were still scrambled after making payment will be restored to your decoder.

That’s not the only way to get this fixed!

Remember I told you that there are two ways of getting this done.

The second step is fixing the error through SMS. This one does not require any internet connection on your phone for it to work.

The SMS method is also considered as one of the quickest methods for resetting your DSTV decoder after payment.

After making payment and still have some channels missing or scrambled, simply send an SMS with the word RESET followed by your SmartCard number to 30333 (DSTV Nigeria short code).

This SMS command sends a request to reset your decoder to the DSTV office in Nigeria and you will also get a reply that the re-authentication process is in process.

Irrespective of the telecom operator that you are using, this step will still work fine for you.

You just learned how to reset DSTV after payment in Nigeria using either of these methods.

Which of the methods would you rather adopt? Let’s hear from you, please leave your comment in the comment section.

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