How to load onecard to bank account and where to buy

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If you have been hearing of onecard to bank and don’t know how to load onecard to bank account, this post will walk you through all the steps involved in loading onecard to a bank account.

The services of onecard Nigeria caught my attention when I watched an advertorial video about how you can load onecard to bank account.

Just like you would load a recharge voucher to your phone, onecard to bank works in a similar way. One card is a recharge card too.

If you are a petty market trader, you can load onecard to your bank account without going to the bank to make a deposit.

That way, you will be able to have some savings from your daily sales without thinking of how to start going to the bank.

Going to the bank may even be a bit challenging, considering the time you close the shop/market and the banking hours.

To me, if the bank is far from where you are located, it may be a waste of transport fare to go to the bank to deposit 5k or less.

Why pay your way to the bank when you can use that same 5k to buy onecard and load it into your bank account?

In the short advertorial video I told you earlier that I watched, a young man who knew about onecard to bank went around a market, helping some of the petty market traders to make deposits to their respective bank accounts for them.

All he demanded from the market women as a service charge was only a transport fare to the bank to make these deposits for them.

After getting transport fare from all these market women, he will then walk into a shop to get onecard vouchers to use and load it into their respective bank accounts.

You can also explore this hustling opportunity if you want it 😆

Almost all the market women now know about loading onecard to a bank account but if you have a killer marketing pitch you can still convince them 😆

Why I’m I even telling you all these stories when all I wanted to share with you was how to load onecard to bank account?

Let’s get into the business of the day before I digest the topic for you o 😛

How to load onecard to bank account

how to load one card to bank account

— To be able to load onecard to bank account, you will need a mobile phone.

You can load onecard to as many bank accounts as you wish within minutes.

You can use onecard to top up your bank account. So when you buy the card, you will load it directly into your bank account and the value of money you used in buying the card will be credited to your bank account and you will get alert.

Irrespective of your location, this works perfectly well.

Where to buy onecard and how to load into a bank account

It does not necessarily need to be your personal bank account before you can load onecard to your bank account.

It can be an account number from a friend or relative, it will work just fine!

Just take a walk to any recharge card vendor and ask of onecard voucher and you will be given.

Please don’t go a supermarket or a pharmacy to as for onecard recharge voucher o… Take note of the places I’ve listed that you may probably find your onecard to bank.

How to load into a bank account

  • For mobile accounts:         *979*PIN#
  • For non-mobile accounts:  *979*SPID*PIN*Account Number#

Try this and the stress of going to the bank to form a queue will be off your shoulders.

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