How to install brother DCP-1610W printer with or without the drivers’ CD

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If you want to know how to install brother DCP-1610W printer, here is the post for you.

Whether or not you have the driver CD, this post will guide you on how to install the brother DCP-1610W printer even without a CD.

I have always had a talent for computers, and this has been in me since childhood.

However, every printer I had made use of before now hasn’t all been installed by me and the few I have installed by myself didn’t need either a drivers’ cd or even a drivers’ software.

It was all done by my Windows. About a week ago, I encountered the brother DCP-1610W printer and I was asked to install it.

It was quite difficult for me, but I managed to get it done. Therefore, this post is meant to teach you how to install the brother DCP-1610W printer by yourself with or without a CD ROM or the driver’s CD.

The BROTHER DCP-1610W is quite a new printer which possess a wireless network that enables you to either print directly from your phone without needing any sort of cable.

If you do not like wires running all over your home or office, then I will recommend this printer for you.

The printer can be used for document scanning, printing, photocopy, and many other capabilities.

Let’s get into the business of the day “How to install brother DCP-1610W printer with or without the drivers’ CD”

There are basically 3 ways to getting this installation done successfully.

Here, I’m going to take you through each of the steps.

  1. Installation with brother DCP-1610W driver’s CD

I have no idea if other printers come with drivers’ CD, but the DCP-1610W does.

This isn’t the easiest of the methods but it can be carried out by anyone, even a novice.

All that is required is you insert the disk into your computer’s CD ROM and once the software appears, you can choose to autorun or open up the driver’s software through the disk and install the software directly.

After this, you simply input the printer’s cable into the system and you are good to go.

NT: the printers cable must not be connected to the computer while driver installs.

The complication is made known in either of the 2 reasons.:

1. If the printer for any reason does not come with the drivers’ disk or you misplaced it

2. If your computer does not have a CD ROM. If you are hit with any of the following problems, then solution 2 and 3 is for you.

  1. System Windows Updates

You might be wondering why a computer being a desktop or a laptop wouldn’t come with a CD ROM.

If you are asking, it simply means you have never seen a computer without a CD ROM.

The latest models of system try to make systems to be sleek in design and light in weight. Sometimes this means removing ports like that of the CD ROM.

If you have seen how flat/slim some laptops can be, you would understand where I am going.

Also, other than the sleekness in designs not allowing room for CD ROM, there are laptops and desktop which just doesn’t come with CD ROMs at all.

So, for laptops and computers which falls under this category, this is the first and easiest method for you to try.

Simply connect the printer cable to your laptop/computer and wait for your system to pick it up.

If you are lucky, the drivers might just be picked up directly from your Windows and you are good to go, and if it doesn’t, you will be told drivers not found.

Then, you will have to open “devices and printers” Windows.

Here you should see the printer with some form of question mark stamped on it.

That simply says the system sees your printer but the driver isn’t available.

First thing and most logical thing to do is seek out for your Windows update and try updating your Windows (with internet connectivity), this might cost a whole lot of data, but if your Microsoft Windows is up to date, there is a 70% chance that the Windows will pick up the printer’s drivers.

Once Windows is updated, in devices and printers, simply right click on the printer and troubleshoot. Once successful, click apply settings.

With this, your printer should be up and running. However, if it isn’t or you do not have that much data for your Windows update which sometimes is up to some gigabytes of data, then you might want to try method number 3.

  1. Brother DCP-1610w downloaded drivers from the internet

The truth of the matter is, every software which requires a disk to install is still just a software which can be downloaded but the disk installation takes away the complexities of having to download the software from wrong sources as well as the hassles of installation through its auto install.

Since every other method didn’t work for you, this is your last resort and it’s 95% certain that this method should work for you.

Virtually all printer manufacturers have support services for their products (Printers).

For the brother DCP-1610W, simply search the keyword “BROTHER DCP-1610W DRIVERS” on Google and you should be taken directly to their support page otherwise follow this link.


This link should take you directly to the support page.

Here, you will find various download options which one should suit your system as a 32bit or 64bit system.

If you have no idea what bit your system run by, simply go to my computer and at the top bar look for system property.

There you should find which one your computer runs on. Click on either 64bit or 32bit depending on the one your system runs on or click on driver install tool and then download the drivers.

Once drivers are downloaded, unplug your printer from the computer and run the application.

After success, a folder containing all sorts of drivers will appear. Open the folder and seek the application and install again.

Once done, plug your printer and wait for it to search for drivers. If successful, you are good to go, if not, troubleshoot printer and apply settings from drivers and printers.


I believe this article has been insightful to you all seeking to install the BROTHER DCP-1610W on your respective computers.

If you seek to install any other type of printer, the above methods should still work for you and if they do not and you seek for assistance in installing your new printer, we would like to assist you, so simply drop a comment or your mail and we will get back to you.

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