How to download SoundCloud audio file online

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Do you know how to download SoundCloud audio files?

It’s not about finding the audio or MP3 file that you would want to download, it’s about being able to download it.

SoundCloud is one of the largest audio download databases in the world and you could find any type of audio file from MP3, karaoke, instrumental, and any other audio file you could think of.

I was working on a video file and needed some audio in the background.

I found my choice of audio file on SoundCloud, but I spent a reasonable amount of time looking for the download button on the website to get the audio file downloaded.

Before this next encounter, I downloaded an audio file from SoundCloud which I still have on one of my storage devices but could not recall how exactly I did it.

Well, if you’ve been searching for tutorials on how to download SoundCloud audio files online, this post has got you covered.

You do not need to get on SoundCloud to while away your precious time, while I already did that and now have the working tip on how you can download SoundCloud audio files within minutes.

Here, I will walk you through all the steps involved in downloading any MP3 or audio file from SoundCloud.

Until you read through this page, you will not know how to download your audio file of choice from SoundCloud.

A similar step on how to download Instagram photos will be applied here.

How to download SoundCloud audio files online

I want to believe that SoundCloud doesn’t want you to download the audio file off their website, all they want you to do is stay online and stream the music right there.

But in cases where you have to use the audio for some other projects, you may need to download the audio, and here is how to do it.

Even while they are building their platform to prevent users from downloading their audio, other developers are building online tools to help users download it too.

How about that?

Awesome, right?

Let’s get into the real deal.

The first step to downloading SoundCloud audio is to get the audio that you want.

You can either conduct a Google search or a search from the official SoundCloud website.

Once you find the audio file that you like and would like to download, take note of the URL that holds the file.

In the course of this article, we will be using

There are other SoundCloud downloaders which I will share and a full list in a later article, so make sure you find a way to stay connected to this blog.

Remember I told you to take note of the URL that holds the audio file you want to download.

Now, with the file link on your clipboard or anywhere, head over to

soundcloud downloader - 9soundclouddownloader

Past the link/URL in the field provided and tap on the “Download” button. See the image above.

Now choose from the available download options and the download will start. See the image below:

soundcloud downloader

That is exactly how I download SoundCloud MP3 and other audio files. How do you download yours?

Do you have other functional methods to download SoundCloud audio files? Please share it in the comment.

Note: the information contained in this page is for informational purposes and should be used as such.

We are not liable for any legal tussle that the misuse of this information may cause you.


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