How to delete notifications of activities on Instagram app

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If you perform a lot of activities on Instagram, you may have a bunch of notifications that what will flood your Instagram app.

Some IG users have had so many notifications that they start asking if there is a way to clear all notifications of Instagram activities.

Well, if you have been in such situation before, this post will show you how to delete notifications of activities on Instagram app so you will have a clean Instagram app.

This will not delete your followers or any of your posts you’ve made on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the social networks that has grown the most followers lately.

It has undoubtedly become an essential platform for all those influencers who publish new content on the platform every day.

The platform hosts more and more records and in this platform, we can search and find a number of known characters or friends we have in other social networks, for example.

But what happens if we turn to have notifications that is getting too much to handle?

If the number of notifications you receive daily on your Instagram app is increasingly numerous.

That is why perhaps there are so many notifications that we receive on our activity screen that we would like to delete some of them.

That is exactly what you are going to learn on this page today.

Of course, that was what you searched for and you were served this page.

You will not know how to delete notifications of activities on Instagram app until you read through this page and follow the instruction that is shared here.

How to delete notifications of activities on Instagram app

The first step to deleting notifications of activities on Instagram app is to tap on the heart icon.

Not to worry, let me break the steps down in a way that you will understand it better.

  • Tap on the heart button

How to delete notifications of activities on Instagram app

  • Now you should be on the screen of our activity. If you scroll the screen you will see all the notification you have received in recent times.
  • Tap an hold on any of the notifications you wish to delete and a screen will pop with a “Delete” option
  • Tap on “Delete” and confirm in the confirmation window that will pop that you actually want to delete the notification.

Note: be sure you really want to delete a particular notification before you follow these steps as notifications already deleted may not be recovered.

Now you know how to delete notifications of activities on Instagram app! Go ahead and delete notifications of activities you don’t want see on the notification screen.

This way, you will only have in your activity those notifications that really interest you.

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