How to connect hotspot from phone to phone

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There is absolutely no need to subscribe two phones when you can use the hotspot to connect one phone to the other and use them simultaneously.

So in this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps on how to connect hotspot from phone to phone.

No need to subscribe two devices, when you have a hotspot in the phone, having data in one phone is enough, then you can use the phone with data to power the other one.

It’s a simple step that even a kid who doesn’t even own a phone can follow, the steps here is pretty similar to using your phone to connect your computer to the internet via hotspot.

But in this case, you will be using your phone to connect your phone to the internet.

It may necessarily not be your second phone, you can use this tip to share data with your friends, colleagues, or neighbors.

I am not saying you are now an ISP, but at least be your brother’s keeper.

At least if you have enough data to spare, let them also browse along.

Enough of the stories!

Here is how to connect hotspot from phone to phone

  1. Turn on hotspot from the mobile phone that will be supplying the network.
  2. If there are some security set up within the hotspot set up, please take note as you will be required of these details when you want to connect from other mobile phones.
  3. Now turn off WLAN on the receiving phone (the phone you want to connect the hotspot to)
  4. Then the phone will find all the available hotspots within range to connect to
  5. Take note of the name of your hotspot
  6. Now navigate through the list of available hotspots and connect to your own

It’s as simple as that!

If you are asked for a password, then you must have set this up on the other phone of yours that is supplying the data.

Switch back to the supplying phone and tap on “Set up WLAN hotspot” to check for the password of your hotspot, tick on “Show password” to see the password.

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Now switch back to the second phone and supply the password as required.

That was simple, right?

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